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    W 209 CLK 320 Issue with "Flaps" on roof closure

    Good Evening Everyone, My pride and joy has developed an unusual issue with the roof. The roof operates normally when both opening and closing however i have noticed on the last few occasions upon closing two flaps of leather material have started protruding from the side of the rear window...
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    W209 CLK Convertible Roof Issue

    Reviving an old thread. HAs anyone found an answer yet?
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    W209 CLK Convertible Roof Issue

    Hey All, Wondering if anyone can help, I had the roof down for the first time this year recently, when closing noticed that at the back a small amount of material was left protruding on the back left(see attached images). Re opened the roof a bit and couldn't see anything unusual, pushed the...
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    Pioneer DA-110 App Radio

    Hey All, I'm thinking of installing one of these, having searched the forums a bit i can see a couple of people have put them in, however very few actual reviews of what it is like. Has anyone got one, is it any good? Thanks in advance. Wes
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    W209 Cabrio Tension Cable Adjustment

    All, Just purchased a new 2004 w209 CLK Cabrio and must say i am over the moon so far, however after a sunny weekend and the roof going up and down multiple times i came across an issue with the roof when up, i noticed that a small piece of leather was protruding in the area of the rear...
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    Anyone fitted one of these

    All, Picking up a new CLK 320 on Wednesday, unfortunately the stereo is knackered so I am currently looking into replacements. I was wondering if anyone has used on of these in a clk 2004 model I quite like the oem look, but I...
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