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    129 300 sl electrical problem

    Hi, trying to put a 1991 300 sl back on the road that has been stood for 2 years.working through various electrical faults and i cannot get the rear lights or the brake lights to work.I have changed fuses but still nothing Is there a relay on this model that controls the rear lights and...
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    129 sl starting problem

    sorry for delay on reply .the mas module was not connecting with connector plug. the plug wires were put on wrongly on no 4/6..running well now. thank you.
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    129 sl starting problem

    hello need some help on starting a 1990 300sl m103. the car has been parked up for over a year and will now refuse to fire up. before it was taken of road it began to idle very badly and misfire. i have replaced the following parts this week. distributor cap. new ign leads. spark plugs...
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    w211 cdi help please.

    could anyone help with a problem with a 2004 e220. the car is stuck in 2nd gear(i think)..and the tiptronic function nor the c/s mode is not working.the engine managment light has come on plus the abs/esp warning lights have come back on after being off for 6 months .(they came on...
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    w220 s class problem

    hi. thanks for the tips. i swapped the module to the drivers door and seems to be working fine. dont see any broken wires but volt meter shows no power going to the passenger door connectors/plugs. still no electrics working on the passenger door. any help would be great thanks..
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    w220 s class problem

    hi. could anybody point me in the right direction to a strange problem that has happened this week. the car is a s500 2000 model. the passenger front door has stopped working completley .. the soft close..electric window..adjustable seat..flashing indicator on the mirror etc will not operate.i...
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    -15 and now nothing works! (W220)

    this is a common problem on the is the yellow 20amp fuse under the seat that always goes during any kind of frost.i go through a fuse every day here in glasgow during really cold spells,as does 2 mates with the w220 who live local....never happens when there is no frost.
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