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  1. RichardF

    W124 E320 Wiring loom

    Loom's easy to remove, I used Silek, stress free, answered questions, worked perfectly, did my throttle body too. Lower harness was more straight forward so managed that myself with some spare cable that Silek sent.
  2. RichardF

    W140 SRS light on after battery drain

    For SRS codes you'll need STAR or professional equivalent. My local indy does it in exchange for a few beer tokens.
  3. RichardF

    W212 E350 'Sport' Springs - MB or Bilstein?

    I use a specialist MB guy. Generally he's happy to fit pattern parts, with springs he prefers MB. I leave it up to him, even though the parts are more expensive the labours the same, so in the grand scheme of things not much more expensive.
  4. RichardF

    1998 SL320 - maintenance suggestions ?

    Worth checking the flex discs.
  5. RichardF

    Wheel bearings

    Discs would be my 1st port of call, inside face often considerably worse than outside.
  6. RichardF

    R129 headrest 'floppy'

    This may help.
  7. RichardF

    ESP / ABS light comes on intermittently

    I had this, looked okay but sensor wire copper core deteriorated. Wiggle test confirmed it, new piece spliced in and joined inside the inner wing.
  8. RichardF

    CLK wheel arch rust

    Mine were done last year. As a preventative measure I've painted clear waxoyl around and inside the lip, no idea how effective it'll be. Must be better than nothing, time will tell. My view is winter salt and grit is the cause.
  9. RichardF

    E class convertibles

    £6k sounds like a decent well looked after CLK or a tired E class. I know which I'd plump for.
  10. RichardF

    A/C re-gassed again.

    I recently went to my local fast fit place. They said it'd be unlikely to ID a small leak (6 months since last charge) so advised I seek an A/C specialist.
  11. RichardF

    CLK 280 new A/C condensor

    Sorry I came across as a bit brusque, it wasn't ment too. :)
  12. RichardF

    CLK 280 new A/C condensor

    The A/C guy will fit a Nissen, he's diagnosed, will supply, fit and guarantee. (My preferred choice)
  13. RichardF

    CLK 280 new A/C condensor

    Supply and fit £320 does this sound about right?
  14. RichardF

    Rpm Surging

    I had similar, traced it to the MOT evap valve jamming open.
  15. RichardF

    Annual Roof Proof

    It does thank you. I'll use the rest of the renevo this time, and try Fabsil (I've an unopened tin) next time round.
  16. RichardF

    Annual Roof Proof

    I did mine with Renovo a few days ago, beading up nicely but biblical rain since overwhelmed it. Looks like we've a couple of imminent dry days, I'll do another coat but working north-south rather than east-west. I'd considered Fabsil, but reading the tin not suitable for stuck seams so unsure...
  17. RichardF

    What makes the perfect Winter car

    Whilst I probably wouldn't choose it for a winter car my wife's 107 was remarkably competent. Lightweight, small, little mass, skinny tyres, low torque, decent heater, low value, easy to position and control, she'd romp passed 4x4s on an icy hill back to our house. good on icy stuff and packed...
  18. RichardF

    gummi pflege not helping sticking windows?

    It can damage rubber seals, and also stress the window regulator. Mk2 Audi TTs used to suffer this, particularly feeble window mechanisms would fail.
  19. RichardF

    Going to lay the car up, where to connect the trickle charger?

    Looks a good spec on those Noco's for me I'd probably be okay with a 2amp jobbie.
  20. RichardF

    C43 purge valve

    When it stops ticking you know its broken.
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