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    Prep for Winter

    A couple of hints and info required.... Did you apply the wax by hand or....? Did you remove wax with a machine or by hand? Did you leave anything to cure and for how long? How long did the whole process take? Car looks fantastic!
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    Software version updates, where can I find a listing?

    Only because of previous cars owned, we were able to tap into a listing of various software updates, patches and throwaway parts (provided by the factory*) Is there a list of software updates for the MB range. Everything electronic that can be linked up by the MB engineers and updated.....if...
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    Do MB dealers sell second-hand parts?

    I make the assumption that dealers and their service parts shops have on ocassions been requested to remove parts and eqipment from various models of cars to complete an upgrade (as opposed to the common replacement of a faulty item). Where does the non faulty swap-outs get sold? Alternatively...
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    Brooklands meet?

    Very good day and nice to go to an event that was free on entry (which can't be a bad thing). Possible saw you guys standing next to the V8 (top picture) as we desparately searched for a parking space. We will visit again when we get a notifications from the Brooklands site
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    Tracker systems to consider?

    I would like forum feedback on the best Tracker installation to be considered and other issues to that I need to know? Thanks for any feedback
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    Loking for some polish

    Halfraud do supply clay from Autoglym (AG) and Meguiars. The packs come in at £20 - £25 depending on how the spotty faced Saturday kid decides to price the boxes. AG do clay on its own and the last time I checked it was coming in at £12 for one large block. (Large block means 2inches by 4...
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    What's everyone listening to ?

    Ooope forgot the ultimate of all tracks to test your I.C.E The classic and perhaps the best dub track of all time YouTube - King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown - Augustus Pablo King Tubby Meets the Rockers uptown by Augustus Pablo take a quality copy to your local car stereo shop, pop it in...
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    What's everyone listening to ?

    > YouTube - Sitting in the Park or this version > YouTube - Georgie Fame - Sitting In The Park > YouTube - Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On live in Montreux 1980 (can't wait to play the 320hz verion of this on the new system > YouTube - Jive Five - My True Story > YouTube - Candy Dulfer - Can't...
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    Hints and tips that I've picked up along the way!!!

    Due to pick up our SLK in two weeks time. (Can't wait). Currently own VVC MGF (Nightfire red) that we will sorely miss when she is sold, but....... Here are a list of helpful sites that we picked up on the way that you may or may not find helpful on a generic basis. (I'm not linked to any sites...
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    Audio 20 (Back to basics issues)

    The heated seats and Airscarf are already on-board! Presently have an VVC MGF (which everyone accepts is a poorly built car) but with a number of I.C.E installations, the audio courtesy of Hertz and a 'Genesis amp' provided a fantastic sound with no distortion.
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    Audio 20 (Back to basics issues)

    One of the frustrating problems during this period when I'm about to purchuse a new SLK is not finding enough information to provide a basis for any decsions. The car that we are purchasing has the Audio 20 as a standard item, but I understand from various forums that this piece of kit isn't...
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    Registration mark transfer question!

    Must admit I was always useless at those Maths conundrums; two trains are travelling in opposite direction to each other, one moving at 60 mph, the other at 37 mph, what sandwches will be unavailable to passengers who train X??? I should have paid more attention to Mr Shelton my old Maths Teacher!
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    Purchase Conundrum!

    Thanks for your helpful comments!
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    Purchase Conundrum!

    May be a done deal then, I've signed a 'vehicle order'. But have yet to sign any other documents.
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    Purchase Conundrum!

    Still sorting out issues with the purchase of a new SLK, then I saw something in the paperwork that makes me wonder if it is reasonable or unreasonable for me to hold Mercedes Benz to contract on. According to the Salesman a new set of prices are due to come out at the end of September and the...
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    MB Salesman add - on! Yes or No?

    Actually did make enquiries through the banks, (both mine and the wifes') and both come nowhere near even on a lenthy repayment plan!
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    MB Salesman add - on! Yes or No?

    Lewyboy! You've got me worried now, the 5.7% is a flat rate. (Haven't signed the CPC papers yet, so praying that you not going to tell me that I have done the wrong thing). The Gap insurance being offered is on the basis of replacing the vehicle back to a brand new car, but with all the added...
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    MB Salesman add - on! Yes or No?

    Thanks for all the information, I may get the Gap Insurance, but will shop around for that. I actually like detailing cars, so I was a bit hesitant about the paint protector, but was willing to bend on the purchase as it's our first 'brand new' buy. I think I will leave the wheel insurance even...
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    MB Salesman add - on! Yes or No?

    The Salesman is stating 1. £499 for the Gap for 3 years cover. 2. £459 for the paint protection, ( no future polishing or waxing) for 3 years 3. £499 for the tyres (to cover 3 years) on the basis that you can get free repairs for 10 incidents of required repair on the alloys and 5 replacement...
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