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    WANTED 320CDI Estate 55

    I cant seem to respond or PM classifieds. Im interested in the car listed on here but cant get in touch. Can someone please inform the owner or post on that thread and ask him to post his number or get in touch. Thanks
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    Car Undersealing - South East London

    Done properly and you shouldn't need paint correction after ;)
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    Data Card - VIN lookup

    Any sites give vin from reg no?
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    R129 Owners Manuals - PDF format

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    zero deposit, 0% finance alloy wheels site

    Monthly payment for your wheels? Really)
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    C32 estate not big enough?

    How much must he have spent?
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    Any Dentist's on here? Or anyone had root canal work?

    Root canal is not what most dentists want to be doing.
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    Cornering lines

    Some people know not what they do
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    Mercedes E350 W212 Facelift Estate

    Much improved over Jetta!
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    C350e owners club

    Anyone looking to sell?
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    Copenhagen visit, what to do?

    Enjoy the women. Simple
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    New SL bi turbo

    I agree it all going the wrong way
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    sell or keep

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    I love my AMG - But what next?

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    New Car (to me)

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