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    Engine not as quiet as my C220

    Hi I have just brought a 10 plate C250 AMG Sport diesel, 5 spd auto, with 28k miles. Goes like hell, I love it and it returns 58 mpg. Astonishing. But the engine is quite loud in comparison to my 2006 C220CDI, even with 172K miles on it. The best way to describe it, is a roar, a...
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    My new C250

    Hi. Came across this site while "Googling" for a question on my recent acquisition. 2nd Merc for me, previous one was a 2006 C220 Avantegarde with 172,000 miles and still going strong, not sold it yet. Brought a Charcoal Grey C250 AMG Sport on a 10 plate. Love the car. Will...
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