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    1987 VW Polo 1.0l. Replaced the shocks and bushes very soon after getting it. Handled like it was on rails. Still got it, but it's SORNed as it's in need of a full restoration (and new shocks and bushes), which it will be getting! Edit: Goodness me, this car is 30 years old this year!
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for not making empty threats.
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for only putting two words in your post, AND for advertising your phone and app.
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    Odd Request ('78 350SL)

    I'm in discussion (amicable) with an exhast manufacturer regarding an exhaust supplied for my 1978 350SL. The old Bosal exhaust on the car was LOUD as it was pretty knackered. The one they've supplied isn't much quieter. To show this, I made a video comparing their exhaust to the wide bore...
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for misuse of commas.
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for making happy sounds.
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned - get your head out of the clouds and feet on the ground!
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    Do you wash your own car or not

    I used to hand-wash only. Power wash first, then hand wash (warm water with a capful of Mer in the bucket), power rinse, then shammy dry. Polish/wax as required. I got lazy for a while and used the local "hand car wash" places but was very put off by the fact the car would rock to one side with...
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    24-June-17 - Ferndown Fete on the Field - Classic/Custom Car show

    The annual Ferndown Fete on the Field, in Ferndown, Dorset, is being held on 24h June 2017. This is a fun, family day out with live music, fete stalls, dog show, kids entertainment, food and drink, model aircraft and much more. There’s also a classic and custom car show, for which I’m on the...
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    non mercedes garage recommendation

    If he doesn't mind the drive, there's Eurospec in Guildford - very popular with Japanese cars and well known in the import scene. Welcome To Eurospec - Eurospec Performance
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    Dealers, test Drives and general pushiness.

    I had a rubbish experience at a Honda dealership around about the time the S2000 was mid-life. Drove up in the 350SL, walked in, asked to arrange a test drive in the S2000. He looked me up and down and said in a dismissive tone "we'll see about that, sir" then walked away from me back to his...
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    Mercedes Customer Service Fail

    That's ridiculous. They should have made this a priority to repair, or to be honest, replace. Does the Sale of Goods Act apply here?
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    Anyone fancy an 190E Evo II? Low mileage...

    Fewer than 1000 miles on the clock! Will make an excellent addition to any collector's garage!
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for not having a room and living in this thread.
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned; this is a car forum, not a sailing forum.
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    off to the beige side

    I have an LS430 and there are some parallels here. :) -Memory seats can't be adjusted when driving. I figure this is in case you have a preset set to something stupid and accidentally press the button while driving, therefore putting the seat in a daft position and causing a distraction to your...
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for implying that Lennox has nits that need picking.
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    Scrapped car re-sold

    No. Engine is no longer responding to "normal" controls. Hence the term "run away".
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    Ban The Person Above You...

    Banned for complaining and not offering an umbrella to Mary.
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    Faulty clutch: Can I claim for expenses?

    @ash59fifty-uk , @i-CONICA - good points both. I hadn't considered that. I think I will need to have a conversation with him.
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