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    s212 e500, I know these are scarce but..

    Don't think this one has featured in this thread before so yes this looks like a 'new' one. Same colour as mine but agree the spec looks basic
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    Think I've written off my car! 😔

    Retention certificates issued currently are valid for 10 years. This has increased over the years. The fee is for the transfer, either to a new vehicle or onto a certificate, if im not mistaken. The certificates can be renewed 28 days before they expire. All the relevant info is available on...
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    30 quid collection charge for servicing

    Not sure if this has been said elsewhere, but I read in a newsletter from Sandown MB that they are taking over MB Epsom from MB Retail Group from 1st Jan. Sandown own quite a few dealerships like Guildford, Basingstoke, Poole etc etc and offer discounted servicing for older cars (3 years plus l...
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    Yet another E500 S212!

    Bit of a mix up on the 'list'... GF10 above was/is mine, on a private plate since early 2018 but is palladium silver and now at around 60k miles and still enjoying it!!
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    MB Extended Warranty - Experience on older Cars

    I bought a 2010 E500 in Feb 18 and got a years warranty from the main dealer. Then paid for another year after that which took me up to the 10 year old limit. Under the extended warranty I had 3 claims covered; a new starter motor and a new sunroof motor. Then the idler pulley went, taking the...
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    E500 S212 in Silver!

    It's not the brown one discussed last year as that reg started PL10 and didn't have the privacy glass. Found a pic in the previous thread....
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    E500 S212 in Silver!

    Reviving this thread again.... Was in Blakeney, North Norfolk over the weekend and saw my first (other than mine) E500 estate in the flesh. Was in the cuprite brown with light beige designo interior. If no-one on here then there's another one to add to the list! KM10 plate
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    Well "they" have cocked up SE London good and proper.....

    I believe it's a 90% discount for residents but in line with the recent changes this is closing to new applicants from 1st Aug. Something which has not exactly been highlighted by TfL....
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    Yet another E500 S212!

    Just to note, my one is palladium silver and a Sport but that's right there was a bronze (I think cubanite?) AG one for sale at an independent dealer around the same time
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    Yet another E500 S212!

    The above could well be right. I had made up a theory in my head that it has been an embassy car. Shame we can't see the registration...
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    Yet another E500 S212!

    Like the colour combo too, same as I has on my previous S204. Also like the non tinted windows and as suggested the spec on closer inspection is quite okay when looking through the pics. Take the badge off the back and you would have a nice sleeper. Prefer the ride on 17" rims too. If I didn't...
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    W212 E63 Extended warranty

    This was my experience earlier this year. Could only extend for part year up to its 10th birthday so didn't bother. Mileage only 56k and the warranty price wasn't bad but they have to stop at some point I suppose
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    London Congestion Charge and ULEZ to Recommence

    Thanks for posting the link. I have filled a complaint for the good it will do. If you have to travel into central London for work at weekends like I do and there are engineering works on the trains then I drive. I think this will have a negative impact on retail and hospitality in central...
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    electric car polishers - any good ?

    I thought the same when I last used a clay bar. However, since then have read it's best to cut the clay bar into smaller pieces, use and dispose of them as you go along. Largely avoiding this problem. Which is what I'll be doing next time!
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    C63 engine badge

    Did similar damage on the one on the engine cover of my E500. They are not sold separately according to Parts dept. I picked up a second hand engine cover from a C350 on eBay for £20. Managed to carefully remove the star and perfectly replaced my broken one. Hope that might help
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    [URGENT] ------>>>>> MBClub Covid-19 Response

    Done, happy to support the forum, thank you
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    W212 fuel tank capacity is not correct

    According to the original brochure I have for 2010 E Class, the smaller tank is 59 litre with 8 litre reserve. The larger tank as said above on E350 and E500 petrol is 80 litre with 9 litre reserve. Hope that helps
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    C63 AMG 2014 Service 'B' cost comparison

    Worth trying MB Hindhead as part of Sandown group and they offer discounting on servicing of older cars. As a guide, although not an AMG, the B service on my E500 was £379 excluding brake fluid change. For the same service MB Bromley (my closest) and Lakeside both quoted £530 online.... Sandown...
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    s212 e500, I know these are scarce but..

    Funny how these E500's are regarded by the majority of watchers as over-priced yet seem to go for prices that are 'too high' compared to the AMG versions, yet sell in a matter of days....
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    Now there’s a W212 E500!

    Always interested in other E500's for sale but agree with what's been said already. That is Miles apart from the 'brown' one... Bugs me how dealers keep such a car in stock with not a drop of fuel in them too!
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