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    C class grill

    Hi does anyone know if a front grill from a 2009 C200 Sport model would fit a 2008 C220 Elegance?? Thanks.
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    After nearly 4 years

    I have to say that everyone I have come into contact with at my local Mercedes dealer were spot on and very helpfull. The service manager I dealt with was a great guy who went above and beyond a couple of times. I would recomend Lincoln Mercedes service department in a flash.The sales team...
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    After nearly 4 years

    Your right it is a Hyundai. Well done.
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    After nearly 4 years

    Also just had £112.50 refund back from DVLA and later today should be getting £370 refunded back from my service plan. Thats the new cars servicing paid for for 3 years!!!!!! Result.
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    After nearly 4 years

    Another thing I like about the wifes choice of car it came with the balance of the manufacturer's warranty. In our case 3 years. The C class was £400 a year and that was through Listers. So in the next 3 years I will be saving £1928 not paying the service costs and warranty of the Merc.
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    After nearly 4 years

    The long haired general has gone and got a Hyundai IX35 SE Nav. I am rather surprised that the ride is so good. Things I don't like about it is It's not a Merc. Having to open the boot by hand. Things I like. MPG. All the toys as standard including heated front and REAR...
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    C Class grill

    2009 S204 pre facelift AMG Sport front grill for sale. All intact. £35 ono. Will be about £10 P&P.
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    After nearly 4 years

    After nearly 4 years of owning a C Class Estate I have sold it and got myself a SUV. I would have liked to stay with Mercedes but Merc SUV's are too expensive to buy, run and maintain although lovely to drive. I will miss my old merc without doubt. Things I will miss. The drive. The...
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    Free Mercedes Winter Health Check

    Getting a free check done next Wednesday. Get a free Mercedes umbrella or car care kit as well. Had 1 done for the last 3 years and always been very good.
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    minor damage insurance

    I took out smart insurance from the dealer i bought my car from and it's the best £299 I have spent on a car. First the wife reversed into another car damage was not massive but I didn't think the smart insurane would cover it. Got quoted £200 to repair the bumper. Chanced my arm with smart...
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    How much do you pay for insurance

    C200 Estate FC with commuting 10000 miles a year, Vauxhall Corsa FC business use 15000 miles a year, Suzuki ALto business 10000 miles and a Kawaski VN900 FC commuting 6000 miles a year. Me and the long haired general £680 with a £100 excess.
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    Servicing plan

    My service plan runs out next year and my local dealer has said I can take out a new plan when it runs out but it will go up about £3 a month.
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    Price Match

    They did with me. Told them how much, who with and they price matched.
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    Price Match

    Don't know if they all do it but the MB dealership in Lincoln will price match tyres.
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    Are these the Mercedes dreaful years/cars?

    I have a S204 which has done 70000 Miles. Great car. IMO the only problem is that's although it's classed a family estate car the rear seats are pretty naff. My kids (24,22,19 all 3 petite girls) on the odd occasion they come with us anywhere would rather go in the back of my work Corsa which...
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    Check MOT for any vehicle

    Didn't find mine with VRN and Mercedes Benz but did find it using VRN and just Mercedes.
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    MB come good on Conti tyres..

    Either way I would of needed new tyres pretty soon, 4 tyres for the price of 2 is not a bad deal in my book for a few phones calls. They even price matched the quote I got on the internet for the rears saving £100 on their price. Bit of customer care goes a long way. They could of just fobbed me...
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    MB come good on Conti tyres..

    About 5 months ago 1 of my rear tyres a Conti started to fall to bits being less than 3 yeras old and having about 5mm left on them. The other was also starting to crack. My local MB told me that they would change them (I had to pay for 2 new 1's) and they would send them back to the...
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    Newbie - Small issue with c250

    My W204 does that when I am sitting at a stand with it in neutral and then put it in drive. Dealer said it was normal with the pressure building up in the gear box. If I want to pull away quickly I leave it in drive.
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