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    Nikasil bore issue BMW 2000 330Ci?

    Nikisil did not impact the very late e36 or any e46.
  2. J

    C350e anyone considering one?

    The theory is that the new piston rings hone the bores while they are still sharp. This improves piston sealing. I am not saying that you Rev the engine on cold oil, or turn the engine off with a hot turbo or abuse it in any other way.
  3. J

    C350e anyone considering one?

    I believe in the school of thought that you should drive a car hard from new (as long as it has warmed the oil). There is no need to run in a modern car.
  4. J

    French on strike again

    I have driven into central Paris today. Everything seems normal, no supply problems or q's at any petrol stations I passed.
  5. J

    French on strike again

    Eurotunnel allow 1 20 litre metal can or 3 10 litre plastic containers.
  6. J

    French on strike again

    I'm in France now at Disneyland Paris. I brought 3 10litre jerry cans of petrol in the boot through eurotunnel, this is the max you are allowed. When I traveled on Wednesday about half the fuel stations had fuel. I kept the car topped up. Next week I am in Paris, I suspect it will be tricky...
  7. J

    Taking C350e to France

    I have managed to get both charge cables under the boot floor. I'll report back on my charging experience in France..
  8. J

    Taking C350e to France

    Full tank and 30l in Plastic fuel cans (max Eurotunnel allow) in the boot. I was thinking the Euro Adapter may be ok on 8A charge rate, the problem is a full charge wont get me far and I can manage without the car for the short urban journeys.
  9. J

    Taking C350e to France

    Hi I'm off to Paris tomorrow in the C350e - it's not great timing from the fuel point of view... Has anyone taken a C350e or a plug in car to France? I don't have room for both cables and am wondering if it is worth taking them. In our Paris office car park their are regular plug...
  10. J

    C350e anyone considering one?

    I came from an e250 to the c350. The small boot and fuel tanks are the only potential disappointments in swapping to a smaller car. Otherwise it is great.
  11. J

    350e estate 45mpg?

    From my experience there is no chance you will get that kind if economy from a C350e on that kind of journey. More like 35mpg. It may still be worth it financially, it drives very well and you can offset fuel costs against BIK. The C350e makes more sense if you do short slow journeys with...
  12. J

    C350e anyone considering one?

    I took delivery of mine yesterday. So far I am very happy, coming from a E250 the boot is a little small but I have a roof box when needed. It is taking ages to get to learn everything, it feels a massive leap forward in tech compared to the W212. I want to try charging the car at home...
  13. J

    C350e anyone considering one?

    My original choice was brilliant blue but I went for Hyacincth Red after seeing a CLS in this colour at the dealer. Mine is due first week of April, I ordered in early October - can't wait. I am also moving from a 13 plate e class, I just hope the back seat proves big enough for my 6 year old...
  14. J

    Switched Live in Glovebox

    What car is it?
  15. J

    Out of date aftermarket extras.

    Is it an aftermarket sat nav or MB comand/aps50? If it is aftermarket I would've inclined to replace the lot with a decent aftermarket Bluetooth Headunit and use Waze on your smartphone for navigation.
  16. J

    C350e anyone considering one?

    I disagree. Designo hyacinth red is a stunning colour.
  17. J

    BMW vs MB

    For BMW parts try Cotswold BMW. The will offer discounts and free postage. I use the when I need parts for my E36 M3.
  18. J

    Lease on C350e - thoughts on this deal?

    Don forget that BIK increases from April if it is a com car.
  19. J

    E Class MPG

    My 2013 E250 saloon has averaged 40mpg over 58k miles It is thirsty for short journeys around town as you would expect for a heavy diesel car. It is easy to get 50 mpg on along journey. All this is based on in car display, not by calculating from a brim to brim fill.
  20. J

    MB accept S205 rejection

    I have one of the last pre facelift 212's. Quality is excellent. Car has done 58k miles in 2 1/2 years with no issues and is still rattle free. That's more than I can say for company cars from Audi, BMW and Volvo I have had previously.
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