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    Do e class saloon rear seats fold?

    Just wondered if the backs of the fold down in the saloons? Thanks
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    Tune2Air bluetooth streamer

    Sold the Merc, so this is now not needed. Plugged into the socket in the glovebox and allowed me to stream music/audio books etc. Worked a treat in my 2011 E Class. Same as in the link here: £45 posted. Thanks
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    Icarsoft MBII

    Having sold the car, I no longer need this diagnostic machine. Comes in proper case with cable and instructions. Even has the plasti cover on the screen! Mb2 MB2. Great bit of kit, and is in as new condition. £85 delivered. Same as in the link here...
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    OM642 350 CDI - you should check this part out

    What symptoms were you getting? Thanks
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    Glow plug housing (lead)? snapped

    Number 2 glow plug has a problem. The lead (not sure what you call it) that attaches to the top of the glow plug has snapped off. My issue is I cant find the part I need to buy? Can anyone help? Thanks
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    How do I add transmission oil to my gearbox?

    Oh bollocks. Thank you!
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    How do I add transmission oil to my gearbox?

    Car is a 2011 E350 CDI auto (7G). And I know it should be a pro job only, but just humour me! Is there a tube under the bonnet somewhere?
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    How many pad wear sensors?

    Popping news brakes on this weekend, but just wondered how many wear sensors there are? 1 per side or just 1? Thanks
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    Prestige Car Service Horndean question (Warranty)

    Morning all, I still have a gearbox issue, and will have to get it sorted at some point. Does anyone know if PCS will deal with Warranty Direct? Thanks
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    Fine is the same as for anyone. 1 weeks wages (then reduced by a third for an early guilty plea)
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    HELP!!!! I broke this bit-what do I need to buy?

    All sorted thanks. New leak pipe bought and fitted. Could not get the old T piece out of the plastic tubing, plus couldnt find one to buy either.
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    Mercedes Me Adapter

    What does it do?
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    HELP!!!! I broke this bit-what do I need to buy?

    Is it under loads of pressure in that pipe?
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    HELP!!!! I broke this bit-what do I need to buy?

    While changing the thermostat, I broke the T peice in the photos below. There is still some in the metal pipe. Does anyone know what part and number that is, and can I drive without it? Thanks
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    E350 CDI Thermostat. Bleeding required?

    Ah I see.Thanks for the reply. I was wondering how to take the intake pipe off (I could see one end, but the other end looked like it had a securing screw in it). I will have to wait for the weekend, and give it a go then. Thanks again
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    E350 CDI Thermostat. Bleeding required?

    Well that was a disaster! Pipe off OK, top 2 bolts out OK, but the 3rd thats underneath a) access was tough, but managed it, and b) I couldnt remove the bolt! Its quite long, and it was fouling on a metal pipe to its right, just not enough space to remove the undone bolt! Had to put it all...
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