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  1. NotFiona

    Suzzie, the CLK 500 so this happened

    Quick update, this CLK has just been to Stuttgart via the old Reims circuit. 1800miles at an average of 28mpg, which included a lot of high speed driving in Germany! Through France it was well over 30mpg. The combination of V8 and 7 speed auto is awesome. Super quiet and comfortable, the roof is...
  2. NotFiona

    [SOLD] 4 x Brabus Wheels Mercedes CLK, SLK. 18" Monoblock V 5. 8.5. fitted with excellent staggered Continental tyres.

    Surprisingly not sold and "Mrs NotFiona" wants them out of the garage so new price is a bargain £750.
  3. NotFiona

    CLK W209 remote control from key roof module x-style

    Ebay just told me it's sold
  4. NotFiona

    CLK W209 remote control from key roof module x-style

    This looks to be a good deal for someone. Didn't realise the German guys produced a version that controlled the lights as well as the roof...
  5. NotFiona

    [SOLD] 4 x Brabus Wheels Mercedes CLK, SLK. 18" Monoblock V 5. 8.5. fitted with excellent staggered Continental tyres.

    I recently purchased my CLK500 from Gav on here and it came with these Genuine Brabus Monoblock V wheels which are in excellent condition with just a few very minor marks. I've decided to go back to the original fitment 17 inch wheels so these lovely Brabus wheels (and tyres!) are now...
  6. NotFiona

    New(to me ) rims and winter tyres

    Winter tyres are so worthwhile! Once you've tried them you never want to be on summer tyres when it gets below about 7 degrees. My CLK is about to be tucked away for the winter otherwise I'd be bidding on the set of almost new 17" Kumhos just listed on Ebay in the South Midlands in staggered...
  7. NotFiona

    CLK and others sun visor mirror cover repair

    This seems to be a common problem on many Mercedes models from the early 2000s. The little plastic clips break and the mirror covers fall off. There are a few repair methods online but they seem to rely too much on glue and hope. The original plastic pin is about 3mm diameter and 3mm long. I...
  8. NotFiona

    A35 Lane departure assist

    A friend with a new (2023) Mercedes who turns off these "assist" features before every journey, because the minimum sensitivity he still finds too intrusive, has been told by a Mercedes tech then is a way to reduce sensitivity further such that it will just about never intervene. Apparently it's...
  9. NotFiona

    Adding auto charging phone holders to my CLK

    Thought some of you might be interested. I wanted to add 2 wireless charging phone holders to my CLK and there was nowhere obvious. I didn't want to block the vents and I didn't want to get rid of the current audio system or make it unusable. I also didn't want to do anything that couldn't be...
  10. NotFiona

    Increase tyre profile.

    I learnt an interesting lesson about balance on one of my other cars with similar wheel size and setup to the Mercedes. We couldn't get it right, balanced at least 5 times, sometimes better sometimes worse when on the car. In the end it turned out to be the brake disk, there was a chunk missing...
  11. NotFiona

    SL Winter Storage

    Good advice here, I would not use a cover outside, the outdoor Carcoon is a good option but make sure it's big enough it doesn't touch the bodywork on windy days. Filling the tank was good advice in the days of steel tanks to prevent rust from condensation but if it's a plastic fuel tank the...
  12. NotFiona

    Increase tyre profile.

    Were 17 inch wheels an option on your car when new? If they were then you could get a set of 17" wheels from a breakers (they are relatively cheap) and fit all season tyres of the same size as the original summer tyres to those. There is much more choice in 17 inch - and the tyres are cheaper.
  13. NotFiona

    Tip to find annoying speaker rattles

    I've been trying to find an annoying rattle/buzz/vibration in the door pocket area of my CLK. Finally tracked it down to a loose bit of trim using an excellent free iphone app! The app is called sonic, logo below. It's a tone generator and you play it through the audio system using bluetooth...
  14. NotFiona

    Lanoguard test

    For anyone considering Lanoguard there is a similar product called Lanoshield. Lanoshield has been around longer but has less of a marketing push behind it. Lanoshield is a bit cheaper and slightly thicker than Lanoguard but that makes it more difficult to spray. This info from a farming friend...
  15. NotFiona

    Lanoguard test

    I tried Lanoguard a couple of years ago when it first came on the market. Certainly easy to apply and very quick but I found it wasn't really durable on the underside of the car so went back to the Bilt Hamber range of waxes. Certainly more work and ideally the masking of all the rubber parts is...
  16. NotFiona

    CLK W209 Car Mats 2005

    I've been really impressed with these. Yes they are a bit thin but they stay flat and don't curl like cheap mats. Overall the quality is really good. They don't slide about, the edgings are finished really well. They fit perfectly using the 2 buttons on the drivers side, are exactly the same...
  17. NotFiona

    All season tyres for S204

    I'll resurrect this thread rather than start a new one as it's "all season tyres" time of the year! All the cars in our household that we use in winter have been fitted with Michelin Cross climates for a few years. The difference when it gets below about 5c is incredible, it honestly does...
  18. NotFiona

    I'm a 2004 CLK500 Cabrio. Guess my weight!

    There is a weighbridge I occasionally go past so I will get it checked there to confirm but I'm pretty sure the scales are accurate. Like most modern scales that use electronic load sensors they tend to work or not rather than give a false reading. We recently weighed a Mitsubishi Outlander (the...
  19. NotFiona

    I'm a 2004 CLK500 Cabrio. Guess my weight!

    Yes original hood and everything else. Has Xenon lights, heated seats, upgraded sound system but can't see that lot adding more than say 30KG. Slightly different wheels so maybe 20KG It has been rustproofed but not a heavy underseal, just wax so again maybe another 20KG there. Floormats maybe...
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