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    Rohana RC10 20” Alloy Wheel Deep concave

    20” Rohana RC10 5x112 Deep Concave Alloy Wheels Bought brand new and only used for short while and have been dry stored. Could do with a refurb due to slight pitting on lips and laquer peel on faces and few curb marks. Front 9J ET35 Rear 10J ET45 Comes with Continental tyres Front 235/30/20...
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    W207 e class coupe single slat grill black

    E-Class coupe black series grill with black badge. Excellent condition no scratches/marks £110
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    W207 E class coupe front carbon splitter

    Genuine Carbon splitter for sale for a w207 e class coupe. Excellent condition no cracks. £250 or nearest offer
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    Best Place to sell Car

    Thanks have put it up here 2011 E250 CDI 125th Edition Coupe
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    2011 E250 CDI 125th Edition Coupe

    Mercedes E-Class Coupe Edition 125 E250 CDI Tenorite Grey Full Mercedes Service History. 1 Previous Owner Excellent Condition car with only 30,000miles. Comes with COMMAND Sat Nav + All extras with the Special 125th Anniversary Edition Comes with 20inch Rohana Alloys, Genuine Carbon front...
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    Best Place to sell Car

    Looking to sell my 2011 e-class coupe, where is a good idea to list up for sale apart from autotrader/ebay as i have had alot of time wasters there
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    Ceramic break pads or red stuff or alternative

    Looking to change my front brake pads. Have noticed euro car parts have ATE ceramic so looked at a few reviews some good and some bad. Any recommendations on pads to buy? EBC Red Stuff came up in a few searches but some people saying that the initial bite is not as good.
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    Where to buy parts other than dealers

    Need new brake pad but dealers are charging alot. Is there cheaper alternative places where to buy from? Or are there any trade places to buy from?
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    Good place for air con regas?

    I've looked at some reviews and alot of people complaining that these companies like ATS/Kwik Fit/Halfords tend to cause leaks for air con. I need to have my air con re-gassed anyone recommend where from and costs?
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    Mercedes service plan

    My local mercedes dealer have offered me a service plan £35 x 24 months works out to £840 for 2 years/2 services. This will includes Service a and B - transmission service - brake fluid service - All filters Just trying to figure out if it would be worth it? Or better to go to an...
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    Brake fluid service

    Only had brake fluid service done 2 years ago and have done about 5K miles since. Mercedes are saying its due again. Does it really need changing again?
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    Nav update.

    I hope they will too. I use Waze which has speed camera notifications and traffic too. I know Comand has traffic but its nowhere as good as Google maps or Waze
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    Nav update.

    Comand said £199 to update the maps and another £99 to update the firmware or £150 firmware update only. Is there discs that i can buy to update the firmware myself? I hardly use the maps as i use Waze!
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    Updating Command System

    Whats the best way to update Command NTG 4.5. Think my maps need updating Also the DAB radio keeps coming up with Device Unavailable... is this because it needs updating?
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    Service prices dealers etc

    I want to keep the service history otherwise would have done it myself as its so easy
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    Service prices dealers etc

    Thanks, do you know what oil i can use for my car? Do i need to change air, fuel and cabin filters? wasn't done on last service. Will try keys for gearbox service.
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    Service prices dealers etc

    My car is a W207 E250 CDI coupe 2011 I need an oil service, and transmission service Mercedes online (Dartford,Kent) is quoting Service A £271.50 (is that just an oil and filter change?) Automatic transmission service £416.09 Seems really highly priced, would i be better to get...
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    Fitted H&R Springs not much difference

    Im not sure, it is the AMG styling so possibly could have AMG suspension. But other people who have fitted the same springs to the same car have seen better results
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    Fitted H&R Springs not much difference

    I fitted H&R springs, think they only do 30mm for the E-Coupe. The car does not seem that low and doesn't seem to have made much difference from original. I have been driving it for about 3-4 weeks now as i was told they may settle more but have seen no change? What do you guys think...
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    Mechanic near south east london/kent

    Looking for someone who can fit H&R lowering springs on a e-class coupe around Dartford/Bexleyheath area. Any recommendations?
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