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    Recommended after market brand of brake discs & pads

    pop along to a local garage who will slack them off with a impact driver, then just nip them up and drive home. Might cost a drink.
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    Engine oil consumption

    mercedes not the only ones. My wife had a Mini Cooper Clubman, from when we got it, it used oil, was only about 1/4 litre per thousand miles. However at about 115,000 miles it was using a litre a week (about 300 to 400 miles) It failed its MOT on emissions, we think because the CAT was so...
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    Weak A/C, thoughts?

    Hello. My ML270 had an issue, re gassed and fine for about 8 months, then weak cooling, so re gassed and lasted about 8 months, same result. The machine would pull down a vacuum saying no leaks, but there was one. I changed the condenser (£90), and then had it gassed again, all good so far. When...
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    Newly painted callipers - paint on discs!

    It was just clear coat one would use on body work paint. There is one you can get for callipers but I suspect it's the same thing. Just a rattle can. You really do have to take your time with masking up
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    I have Goodyears on my W163 at the moment, cost £400 two years ago, 255/60/17. They have done about 18,000 and have been good, but are towards end of life. I priced up another set and the cost has gone to £550. I am an older sedate driver, no inclination to find out how fast I can get round a...
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    Newly painted callipers - paint on discs!

    I have to disagree with some comments on here. A decent DIY job can be done with care. My W163 callipers front and back looked a bit sorry, so at the front I took out the pads, wire brushed the calliper and then rubbed down, masked everything up and sprayed with undercoat, de masked and rubbed...
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    I hope it helps. From further research it could well be the steering angle sensor has lost its position, hence sees wheels going in a different direction that it is, and puts on the ABS light and requests a road test to reset itself. Cars are too blo*dy cleaver these days.
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    check this. wash the screen and see if water comes out of the drain holes !!!!. It could be that the washer rubber hose has split. I know this as happened on my w163, spent ages cleaning the jets, only to discover the split hose under scuttle grill.
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    Facelift W163 Alarm Problem

    It may help. Yesterday, the alarm on my W163 went off, first time ever, no reason i could find. I unlocked it to stop alarm, but when i locked it again i had lost the three flashes to confirm locked. I disconnected the alarm and checked the connections were clean ( did i mention i moved it out...
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    Black death / Seized injector removal.. post mortem/findings

    well done, good write up
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    om605 runaway help

    I have seen two vehicles do this, and is very frightening. One was a van on the motorway, funny enough, just out of services, it revved until something broke. The other was a TD5 defender, known fault is that the injectors leak fuel into the engine, engine slowly fills up until the pistons pick...
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    Facelift W163 Alarm Problem

    I had this exact issue with my W163 (ML270) 1 flash on disarm, no flash at all on arm and lock. However, the alarm did not go off, but sometimes the indicators were flashing like it had gone off. I replaced the alarm unit with a chance 2nd hand unit off e bay (only paid £15 so thought worth a...
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    Ml 270cdi split injector

    Ha, i think i understand now, it blew out of its hole, not exploded. I have seen something like that listed before, and its because the bolt has been over tightened and damaged the thread. They can be rebuilt again. Did the old owner own up to having work down on the injectors ?, i would like to...
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    Help please Urgent?

    did RAC sort or pass it on to dealer
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    Ml 270cdi split injector

    as a question what would cause an injector to split/blow apart ????
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    W163 Power loss

    very odd, looks like something out of a one way valve.
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    total shut down

    just an update, i know its an old thread. 6 months later, it did it again, same fault codes. could not find a single thing wrong, all codes stored and cleared, did not return. I spoke to someone i know who is an auto electrician, but the old school type. He said sounds like the car somehow did...
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    W163 Power loss

    I can confirm that on the ML270 a vacuum leak will make it feel very, very sluggish, will not rev and kick out black smoke like mad. How do i know this, on one of the very hot days recently, going home from work, got to bottom of steep hill and pushed accelerator to go up hill, kept on pressing...
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    Sump Plug 2002 ML270 cdi

    my 2003 w163 ML270 does not have a washer on the sump plug, first time i changed the oil i thought it was an error, but looking closely i could not detect a mark from a washer. Changed oil three times now and sump plug has never leaked, and no, i do not do it up tight, just 1/2 a grunt pressure !!!!
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    iCarsoft trouble

    the trouble code will say if active or stored, an active one cannot be cleared until issue resolved, stored ones will clear with mb2
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