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  1. artyman

    The Wanderer Returns

    Yes when I took my son out for a demo and put my foot down he went WOW, they have certainly developed, more like a milk float on steroids 😄 Unless you are a motorway muncher doing more than 250 miles a day certainly consider an EV
  2. artyman

    The Wanderer Returns

    OK so it's been five months since I was last here, having pensioned off my C class after 10 years of ownership. I defected to a Kia E-Niro having originally been considering a Hybrid, my research indicated that a full BEV would make more sense. I like many had thought that range was an issue...
  3. artyman

    Free charging

    Well I use the local Tesco 7Kw charger each week while I do the shopping, nip to the bank all the usual stuff. So in the hour I get another 35 miles free. Not massive but hey I never got a free gallon of diesel filling up anywhere, even at the local Sainsburys filling station. As regards cost...
  4. artyman

    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread

    Is all this talk of Scottishness another form of racism
  5. artyman

    Mercedes badly crossing a flooded ford

    Be interesting to know how an electric vehicle copes with fords !
  6. artyman

    And it's "Goodnight from Him"

    Thanks for the offer of help, all just a bit of a new learning curve, I'm still trying to turn it off with a key that isn't there, and press my foot on a parking brake that is also missing !
  7. artyman

    RIP Murray Walker

    Never been surpassed as an F1 commentator. RIP Murray and thanks for the memories.
  8. artyman

    And it's "Goodnight from Him"

    Well I spent one and half hours the other day just sitting in the car and playing with the menus, still no idea what I'm doing, and with lockdown haven't really been anywhere apart from Tesco's where I tried out the free charger, worked fine until I got back, unloaded the shopping then went to...
  9. artyman


    Had something similar a while back, the freezer thermostat stopped working, I'd replaced it some years before so knew how to do it, just a case of finding a part, could I, like heck, so rather than junk a working freezer, I bought a timer switch and have it set to continuous and just run it 1.5...
  10. artyman


    With all the modern electronics in cars nowadays, I wonder whether it will be possible to fix them in ten years time. Once it was the demon rust that did for cars, that now seems to be a thing of the past, but what is the longevity of a modern hi-tech vehicle.
  11. artyman

    Mercedes EQC400

    Quite true, when I first started driving in the sixties, diesel cars wee unheard of, even many years later they were rare. I've just switched to electric, a lo of perception about charging and the time involved compared to a fuel fill up is being broken down. You just need to behave differently...
  12. artyman

    My website is throwing up an error

    I tried to go to my website today and received the following message " refused to connect." displaying a page logo with a no entry sign. Happened this morning and I hoped that it was some glitch that would clear. Looking online loads of stuff about Google...
  13. artyman

    And it's "Goodnight from Him"

    Well first attempt at using a Fast Charger they've just installed at the local Tesco didn't go to well, seem you need an App to make it work, not a great phone user and am only on PAYG, I need to 'get with it' so it's been sitting on the granny charger until half an hour ago and is now up to 54%...
  14. artyman

    And it's "Goodnight from Him"

    Well my W204 C Class has been pensioned off in favour of a younger EV upstart, a Kia eNiro 4. The Mercedes is the longest that I have owned any car and I've spent many happy miles being cosseted in its comfort. However times and requirements change, so I would like to thank the members here for...
  15. artyman

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    P/Xed it for a 2020 EV not Mercedes, or Tesla
  16. artyman

    Private registration and original registration

    Funnily enough I've just tfd my personal reg to a newer car, and it's reverted back to another personal plate that was on it when I bought it and let laps, they haven't put it back to the original first registration.
  17. artyman

    What is everyone having for dinner tonight?

    A Chinese Takeaway to night as it's Mrs artyman's birthday
  18. artyman

    New petrol and diesel car sales will be 'banned from 2030'

    I've been looking at electrics for the last couple of weeks, and yes my previous concerns about range anxiety are unfounded. Quite a few EV's now have a range of 280 miles, now I know that being of a certain age more frequent stops are now mandatory, I daresay that most people are going to stop...
  19. artyman

    New petrol and diesel car sales will be 'banned from 2030'

    I wonder what happens to an electric Land Rover when it goes through a nice deep flood, no snorkel required though !
  20. artyman

    Covid-19 Discussion

    Well I can say the only side effect i had was the injection site on my arm ached for 24 hrs, but then if I stuck a 2" needle in anybody's arm regardless of injecting anything I would expect it to be a bit tender. As regards those resistant to having the vaccine, OK not compulsory, but if you are...
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