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  1. Shakey60

    Celtic tuning stage-1 remap

    GAD tuning maps are covered by their insurance should any engine issues arise. A phone call to them would clear up any hesitancy in having your car mapped, the 4.0 Biturbo responds very well!
  2. Shakey60

    C63 or C63s? Worth the extra pennies?

    Gad tuning warranty their work, I don't know how Mercedes would deal with a warranty claim if they knew.
  3. Shakey60

    Advice needed

  4. Shakey60

    Advice needed

    But they only change them every 4 years, so they're not very clean! I'm on a service plan, I haven't actually seen what was charged for.
  5. Shakey60

    Advice needed

    Thanks for the replies, I've changed them now to an aftermarket filter so all good.
  6. Shakey60

    Advice needed

    My C63 had it's third birthday in October and it's 3 year service. I asked my local dealership prior to this if I could have a print out of what was to be carried out seeing it was over £1k and on there it listed oil and filter, air panel filters, diff oil, transmission oil etc, etc. Three weeks...
  7. Shakey60

    Re trimming a steering wheel

    One and the same, also known as Mr AMG
  8. Shakey60

    Hi From Me

    Good choice of cars on the market now. Get the best spec you can afford and if possible avoid the piano black inlays, they mark easily and you don't get the IWC clock!
  9. Shakey60

    Rear tyres for 2017 C63 S coupe - 20" wheels

    MPS4S are the best all round tyre by miles, unless you're opting for winter tyres, they will give an amazing all year grip and surprising wear rate. My opinion of course, but I have had them for over a year and done 10k and still have 5mm left!
  10. Shakey60

    Private Lounge Meeting

    It was an AMG Private Lounge meeting, I'm not sure if anything but AMG's are invited as it's an exclusive forum.....I'm not 100% on that though!
  11. Shakey60

    Private Lounge Meeting

    The car did seem to hold the power for longer, but it may be a placebo!
  12. Shakey60

    Private Lounge Meeting

    Brilliant day out, Speed Ministry done a superb job if not a little overwhelmed by the number of cars! Good to meet fellow enthusiasts and the magno E63 is a thing of beauty!!
  13. Shakey60

    Private Lounge Meeting

    According to the Met office, dry and overcast on Saturday
  14. Shakey60

    Private Lounge Meeting

    Cool, didn't know if you wanted the question asked there, but it looks like they'll be a few youngsters coming with their parents. Also, as mentioned it's going to be more child friendly than some of the other meets that happen, so all good!
  15. Shakey60

    Private Lounge Meeting

    Are you a member of PL or did you want someone to ask the question to the organiser (Speedministry)?
  16. Shakey60

    Private Lounge Meeting

    Affalterbach have sent 60 PL goodie bags to be given out so only 2 left up for grabs!!
  17. Shakey60

    Private Lounge Meeting

    I'm not sure if it's already been mentioned or even allowed here, but there is an AMG PL meeting currently with 55 AMG's at Speedministry near Mallory Park next Saturday 24th November. At the moment it's the largest PL meeting held in the UK! Just putting it out there in case any AMG owners want...
  18. Shakey60

    Improving a C63 s204

    I'll give you 3 guesses..... If you were to use the forum as intended I don't there'd be an issue
  19. Shakey60

    Who's placed a C63/s order ??

    2015!!!!.....c'mon that's ridiculous!
  20. Shakey60

    C63 AMG S 2017

    I think i'm going to have a run down to GAD tomorrow, maybe see you there?
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