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    You tuber Merc project

    Its just business, when the viewing figures tail off its time for a new project.
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    Insurance for new drivers

    some relativity, 1985 i passed, bought an 850 mini for £120 and insured it for <£400. I was at the time earning £40 a week. So 3 times my wage to buy and 10 times to insure.
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    Insurance for new drivers

    My Sparkies lad-17 passed last week, hyundia I10 - 2k worth paid 1250 last week West yorkshire Wakefield postcode.
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    Van hire company recommendations?

    Just have a good look round and take pictures, just in case.
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    Wet cars and garage ventilation?

    Fan with humidistat as mentioned.
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    s212 350cdi 4matic fuel consumption

    I notice you are in Germany, what is your set cruise speed for MPG testing?
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    LHD or RHD - impact on value?

    If it was a w124 500e or similar non RHD vehicle than no difference, if available in RHD then i would rather pick a snake up.
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    Recent purchase thread

    Im dead set and have the backing of the wife. Was in a right mood today with it all.
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    Recent purchase thread

    Holy door dramas bat man!!!!! how can in todays world of connectivity and joined up thinking can it be so hard? Yesterday Is your website upto date- YES Are these the only doors left - YES about 10 showing Send me door 8 take my money- chuffing elated! Today Im really sorry, No 8...
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    Let us remember a very special friend . Bruce Millar .

    I believe based on the rarity of smart green 4 matic wagons that its currently for sale on Ebay.
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    Recent purchase thread

    Five years before my mate.
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    Recent purchase thread

    How old are you?
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    Recent purchase thread

    Im building my retirement house, bought this for the door into my snug/lounge cut out in a batch of 300 from HMS Hermes before her scrapping Will look like this when im done.
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    Can speed limiter be removed on my S65AMG W221?

    Did Germany last year, no matter how fast you are going there will be some ass rider flashing you out of the way at some point, on there way to a big stoppie behing the next resident of the outside lane.It was just too busy.
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    Obsessive Research!

    Ordered last Sunday and still no notification of dispatch, any one received any order yet?
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    DESIGNO E55AMG W211 Wanted
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    Car Finance - Dealer Vs Broker

    I bought a car on my debit card, fair sum, prearranged appointment and drove away inside 15 minutes, it can be done.
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    Cleaning spectacles

    I use the same stuff i clean my car glass with, just because i have some. I came across a small squirter bottle in my wifes travel bag and grabbed it when it was empty,100ml i think, pocket sized. Got a mini waffle type cloth from some freebie detailing sample and it all works fine. I now have...
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    Assigned a private reg over a private reg.

    First reg needs to be retained- Car returns to original issued no and new V5 issued. Then new plate can be assigned- new v5 issued.
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    Interesting cars on your road

    Nothing outstanding on my street,only 3 houses, a custard coloured Clio, A Tesla Saloon, GLA,High miles Mazda over 200k,A juke, Jaguar XJR 575, A 20 year old supercharged xj saloon and a 2008 D5 V70
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