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  1. jonboyE63

    Notwens S204 C63 PPP

    Very nice looking motor - I hadn't realised the facelift cars had the integrated screen - I was never a fan of the pop-up screen on the earlier cars & the one I had considered before I bought my E63 had the older interior. Enjoy..!!
  2. jonboyE63

    E55 wagon - anyone know this car..??

    Wagon all the way, got kids, a big garden & love family euro trips & Mrs Cooke loves shoes 🤣
  3. jonboyE63

    E55 wagon - anyone know this car..??

    Will, you’re right, it was yours I viewed, I’ve always been shite with names & faces… Still kind of wish I’d have bought yours but hey, I’ve had 6 years of excellence with the E63 🥰🥰 I also don’t think 140k miles is high & assuming it’s been well looked after then I’d be happy. I just bought a...
  4. jonboyE63

    E55 wagon - anyone know this car..??

    Years ago, before I bought my E63 wagon I had the pleasure of test driving E55BOF's black wagon - it was fantastic but I decided to increase my budget & go for the W212 E63. To be honest, I still fancy one to run alongside my sweet as 997 C2 & have been toying with trying to sell the white wagon...
  5. jonboyE63

    The AMG Car park look back picture thread.....

    old thread revival I know, but how did the two models compare in terms of performance..??
  6. jonboyE63

    My 2013 SL63 AMG Bi Turbo (R231) In Designo Graphite Grey

    I think the OEM grill looks much better & suits the cars era etc... Never been a fan of old cars trying to newer with different grills, keep it OEM. Cracking looking car by the way.
  7. jonboyE63

    Mercedes e63 W213 all good things thread

    yeah, want one - i see that wagons with miles are coming down to sub £40k......yes please...!!
  8. jonboyE63

    M157 Resonators Removal- SL63 AMG (R231)

    I had the resonator delete done a few years ago on my M157 E63 & it sounds perfect, as killerHERTZ suggests it's OEM plus & it sounds fantastic at full chat..
  9. jonboyE63

    Just bought W212 E63

    ohh, I just love an E63 in white...nice looking car.
  10. jonboyE63

    E63 mpg

    I've got the W212 E63 (non s :rolleyes: ) & the best I've ever achieved was 30.7mpg & that was after a 300 mile round trip on cruise control @ UK legal limits - yes, it was a very dull drive.. As it's also my daily & has been for 5 years I'm well use to 22-23mpg general mixed driving. I fully...
  11. jonboyE63

    not e-bay but SWVA

    Spotted these two wagons being sold @ South West vehicle Auctions "classic car" auction last week - it's local to me but didn't go to look in person... Also had...
  12. jonboyE63

    Weekend pleasure car to complement your AMG?

    I've recently bought myself a 997 for weekends, euro road trips & occasional track days - I think I bought the cheapest one in the country (at the time) so it's very much a work in progress situation. Always wanted one :cool:
  13. jonboyE63

    5 years in...

    Absolutely squire - no problems assuming I get to BOTG this year
  14. jonboyE63

    2012 E63 W212 Estate

    Forgot to mention it has the revised blue-ish timing chain fitted & the JCR plate will be removed & I assume it will revert back to BW12 CBX
  15. jonboyE63

    5 years in...

    Thanks, having watched that I've now listed my E63 for sale on the forum & will check down the back of the sofa tonight in the hope I find the money to buy a W213 E63s :) :) - may even consider a saloon...
  16. jonboyE63

    2012 E63 W212 Estate

    Decided to post my long term E63 estate up for sale. I've owned this car for over 5 years & it's been epic but I fancy a change.. 2012 E63 5.5ltr Biturbo Estate in Cobalt White. 121,500 miles - will rise as it's my daily drive. FSH - main dealer until 48,000 then independent (Star-Tech in...
  17. jonboyE63

    5 years in...

    I have to agree, living 12 miles from the nearest town with fantastic local A & B roads rarely policed I certainly get the chance to drive my car properly, yes I rarely use all the power on tap but I of kind like having in "reserve" if needed. Sorry if this isn't PC but why have the cars if...
  18. jonboyE63

    5 years in...

    Thanks, I will definitely look into a Brooklands experience - like you I love my w212 & it's been 100% reliable & an epic car to own & drive for the past 5 years but I either need to get some cream or address the itch ASAP - if nothing else to stop Mrs Cooke tutting at me for spending hours...
  19. jonboyE63

    5 years in...

    maybe they've had it so long the leather has faded ;)
  20. jonboyE63

    5 years in...

    They’ve still got it…..
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