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  1. Bigdrew

    Coolant Leak - W212 65 reg OM651 engine - Head Gasket?

    Yes bassmonster but I couldn’t see where it was coming from so got a water test
  2. Bigdrew

    Coolant Leak - W212 65 reg OM651 engine - Head Gasket?

    Hi I had the same problem and it turned out to be the thermostat
  3. Bigdrew

    D1S bulbs

    Hi I have D1S xenon bulbs35w 12v but I want to change them to led ones I seen ones that were 35w but 45v would these be ok to use or will I need to get ones that are 12v
  4. Bigdrew

    Considering an A-Class

    Does the A class still have the Renault engine in them
  5. Bigdrew

    Space saver tyre

    My w204 is the sport model with 18’’ wheels
  6. Bigdrew

    Space saver tyre

    W204 but I don’t have the owners manual
  7. Bigdrew

    Space saver tyre

    Hi have one of those space saver tyres what I won’t to know does this wheel use different wheel bolts from the ones one the alloy wheels ie if I have a puncture can I use the ones on the alloy wheel to fit it
  8. Bigdrew

    Rear star badge removal

    Is there not three holes there when the badge is taken off
  9. Bigdrew

    Replacement key

    Hi have two keys but only one works would it be possible to use that key to get reprogrammed or would I need a brand new one
  10. Bigdrew


    Welcome to the forum
  11. Bigdrew


    The other day I was talking to someone when his father drove up in his c63 he said my dads 75 and still drives it he’s mentally and physically fit for his age but he said he thinks he looks daft driving a car like that and not the type of car a man of that age should drive so I thought I would...
  12. Bigdrew

    W204 rear door to window trim - delaminating. Replace or wrap?

    Hi on the video it shows him removing the mirror but this can be done without removing it if you want
  13. Bigdrew

    W204 boot lid trim

    hi already seen that thanks but wasn’t to sure as mine was not the coupe
  14. Bigdrew

    W204 boot lid trim

    Hi want to remove the chrome trim on a w204 what I want to know can the trim be removed without having to remove the licence plates lights and the black trim underneath it
  15. Bigdrew

    Xenon headlights

    As you said a PITA tried fitting them today drivers side no problem but just can’t seem to get the passenger one is there a nack to getting this one in
  16. Bigdrew

    New member

  17. Bigdrew

    Xenon headlights

    Yes mine is the same but what I wanted to know do I buy a low or high beam or do I look for a D1S with both sorry for the questions not clued up on these
  18. Bigdrew

    Xenon headlights

    Thanks Mikey do you happen to know if the D1S is a low or high beam or do these bulbs have both thanks
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