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    Honda Shuttle

    Despite having the W124 on the drive I bought a Pajero that saw me through some muddy fileds (Including towing catering trailers on site), floods and snow and a tour of Belgium and northern France. This too had to go again because of height but this time too high and a gear box that was...
  2. CE230

    Finally sold the W124

    I've had it for sale for a couple of years but only half heartedly as I was hoping that either I would shrink or the car get higher as I had trouble getting in and out due to RA. I shall miss it tremendously as it was lovely to drive.
  3. CE230

    1989 230ce

    For sale on Piston heads Mercedes : Mercedes 230CE Pillarless Coupé - 1989 (1989) my 230CE.
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    Which bank?

  5. CE230

    Redundancy & Lawyers

    If you have legal cover on your house insurance try them first as they often specialise in employment matters.
  6. CE230

    Do Other Merc' Drivers Let You Out?

    In Brum they don't wait to be let out, if you're can't see their acne as you approach the junction they're in front of you like a fat chav at a buffet.
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    Paypal cash transfers?

    Western Union? My sister who lives in Canada uses it to send me money (IBAN again) but I don't know their charges.
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    The Photos You Have All Been Waiting For!

    Nice, shame about the colour. :rolleyes:
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    School Minibus

    From what I remember of my days dealing with these matters so long as there were no fares paid by the passengers he would be covered under the D1 qualification providing there are less than 9 seats. If a Minibus Permit (For carrying 9 - 16 passengers, is obtained from the Traffic Commissioner...
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    Friends of ...

    We settled for Guardians. Already have our first bit of funding for stationery and the like and will be looking for other funding options soon. Charity bank account ready to accept the funds too.
  11. CE230

    Peter Harvey Not guilty.

    I teach, fortunately it's OAP's the wonders of the internet and email. No way could I handle a class of kids from year 6 on, I would be done for murder.
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    Soldier fights for housing rights

    Not quite, Maggie also ensured that the council's couldn't reinvest the money in building more houses so now you have a situation where they are either built in partnership with a housing association and a mix of rented and owned. HA property rents are not cheap or affordable for a lot of...
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    URGENT employment advice required

    Surprise, surprise. My daughter filed a formal grievance procedure and has had her hours reinstated. Even better they have agreed to consult more with the staff regarding cost cutting and improving the business. :thumb:
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    You are Joking!

  15. CE230

    Seat Belt

    Cracking advert :thumb: YouTube - The most beautiful seatbelt advocacy commercial ever.wmv
  16. CE230

    On 2 wheels again

    Excellent, stay shiny side up.
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    Being drunk and sleeping in a motorhome?!

    Interesting thread. I shall be attending an AGM in June which is followed by a rip snorting piss up and it is my intention to sleep in the back of my Pajero, duvet and sleeping back set out ready. I will be parked in a field that is a designated camping area and after reading the above posts...
  18. CE230

    Travel Insurance

    AA Travel - Just insured with them for a trip to Brazil so that my meds for my RA are covered (The injections are £75 a pop :eek: plus 5 other prescription drugs) and only £25 Extra.
  19. CE230

    Went on a charity run yesterday

    Outside Falcon Hotel - Uppingham Lunch stop (Hog Roast) An MB The run was in aid of an air ambulance and celebrated the production od Stilton Cheese where it was first produced (Quenby Hall) and where it was first sold (The Bell at Stilton). It was great day ambling through...
  20. CE230

    Went on a charity run yesterday

    Yesterday - Had a nice run through the back roads to Quenby Hall Photo's to follow
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