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  1. reggie musson

    I need 2 front amg replica wheels for my CLK (W209)

    yes I will check out such things once I have the correct size front wheels on the car but fairly sure because the front tyres are too small for the wheels that is causing the outer edges to wear out quickly.
  2. reggie musson

    I need 2 front amg replica wheels for my CLK (W209)

    Hi everyone, I want to buy two AMG replica 7.5J 18" wheels for the front of my CLK (W209) after finding out my fronts are 8.5js as fitted when I purchased the car, and because the tyres are a little narrow for the wheels the tyres only last 5,000 miles as the outer edge wears quickly. So has...
  3. reggie musson

    What wheel size should be on my CLK

    Hi everyone, Can anyone inform me the correct wheel size for my 2004 CLK, as at the moment I have 18" 8.5 rims fitted all round but think the front should be 7.5, is this right? Thanks
  4. reggie musson

    How does the interior boot light bulb be changed on my 2004 CLK coupe, PLEASE HELP

    Hi everyone, I have asked this before but no one on this planet has, or so it seems attempted this by the response I had last time. I wish to change the interior boot light bulb from the standard white light to a blue LED bulb to match the rest of the interior. (no this is not the number plate...
  5. reggie musson

    New Merc owner!

    Welcome and enjoy your new motor.
  6. reggie musson

    CLK (W209) how does the boot light bulb holder come out so I can change the bulb?

    Is there anyone who can help me please with this little problem.
  7. reggie musson

    Scatches on 'plastic' headlamps W210

    I used the wet & dry method by hand and worked well for me.
  8. reggie musson

    Is it me or what?

    Think this depends what your last motor was, for example if your last car was a white 1984 Mini Metro I could understand it.
  9. reggie musson

    Is it me or what?

    I also drive a black Merc (a CLK) and have the same problem with tailgaters and for me it seems drivers of those nasty cam belt driven engined Audi`s with stupid looking daytime lighting are the biggest problem. It`s about time the police cracked down on this instead of prosecuting drivers a few...
  10. reggie musson

    Newbie saying Hi from Milton Keynes.

    Big welcome You have good taste, I have the coupe version a bit older than yours but love it.
  11. reggie musson

    CLK (W209) how does the boot light bulb holder come out so I can change the bulb?

    Can anyone explan how this is done or is this a job for the main dealers ? Thanks, Reggie
  12. reggie musson

    best say hi

    Hi, welcome to the forum and it so happens I also own one of Mercedes sexiest models, a CLK 270CDI, my car is a 2004 pre-facelift and if yours is of the same vintage I may have that CD changer as mine is missing, if we can agree on a price. Reggie
  13. reggie musson

    I'm Back!!!!!!

    The older style Merc`s look so much nicer than most of the current new one`s
  14. reggie musson

    wife modified front on a W209 cabroilet today

    Bad luck. Thank god my wife can`t drive as I love my CLK just the way it is. Good luck with your repair and get her a cheap motor or file for a devorce and meet someone who can`t drive, as sharing a motor as nice CLK will rarely work.
  15. reggie musson

    Uninsured Vehicle?!

    What a shame your kind donation turned out to have a bit of a sting in its tail
  16. reggie musson

    Question about replacement key

    I got my from Replacement Mercedes Keys who come to your home and are less expensive than the dealers.
  17. reggie musson

    Looking for a CLK 270cdi and an Answer

    I have had my CLK 270 CDI for a year now and love it. I have put 12,000 miles on her and the car has clocked up 93,000 in total. I had to travel 220 miles to find one in nice condition but still spent a further £2,000 on servicing, 4 tyres and putting everythng right. It is a superb car and...
  18. reggie musson

    CLK 230 Sport Sidelight issue

    Have you checked the condition of the bulb holder ?
  19. reggie musson

    vanity plate - guess the owner!

    Reliant Robin owners may also be interested I suppose then.
  20. reggie musson

    vanity plate - guess the owner!

    Never mind the name this plate trying to spell, any plate with RR should be on a Rolls Royce not a Merc
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