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  1. Burger

    Cracking up :)

    So, my SL was in for its annual service yesterday with Mercedes Maidstone. Half way through the day I got a call to tell me the service was done but would I like them to replace the cracked additional brake light in the boot lid. Cracked? I just washed the car on Sunday and didn't notice a...
  2. Burger

    Engine warning light - no message.

    Maidstone Mercedes were very helpful and booked the car in today for a while you wait slot. They had it all sorted in just under 2 hours. It turns out the faults were related. Apparently the ECU takes input from the external temperature sensor to assist with setting the right mixture. It also...
  3. Burger

    Engine warning light - no message.

    Thanks Keith, I agree. I've driven the car again today. It's starting 100% normally, running the same and I can't tell anything is wrong except for the light. I guess I'm just a little worried as the worst thing that could happen is it breaks down on the way to my dads funeral.
  4. Burger

    Engine warning light - no message.

    Don't know if these are related... 2007 SL350 (R230). A few weeks ago I noticed the dash was displaying external temps much above reality (for example today it showed 18 degrees). Unfortunately my dad died the week before last and so I've had other things on my mind. Today, while...
  5. Burger

    The Official Gucci & Burger DB5 1:8 model thread

    OK, first some pics... Overall it was fun building it but I do have some criticisms... I'll post them up shortly.
  6. Burger

    Steer by wire being fitted by Nissan soon

    Maybe it's an urban myth but I thought BMW fitted a steer by wire system to the 7 series back in 2000 or so.
  7. Burger

    Pick up SLK55 on Saturday. MB newb

    Looking forward to the pics and report. I imagine you've been out driving all day?
  8. Burger

    The Official Gucci & Burger DB5 1:8 model thread

    It certainly wasn't easy to fit it all together. I think I tried and failed to fit the front about 20 times but in the end, on one attempt, it just fitted in place. If the doors are binding then clearly it's not in the right place as once it is, at least on mine, the doors fit very well. Make...
  9. Burger

    Pick up SLK55 on Saturday. MB newb

    Welcome. I'll be very interested in your impressions of the car as I'm considering changing my 2007 SL for a new SLK55.
  10. Burger

    To Burgundy, by BMW and Bristol

    Sorry to read your news Charles. Very sad, but a good thing you got to make this trip together. Happy memories hopefully. Best wishes,
  11. Burger

    The White Dog

    Sorry to read all this Rashman. First and foremost I hope the dog makes a full recovery. Knowing how much you care about your car, I don't have any doubt that it will be repaired to perfection but I hope the process isn't too drawn out for you with availability of parts etc. Unlike others here...
  12. Burger

    Faulty NTG1 Comand?

    I don't know about the MCar unit so can't comment. How is the phone connected? To the same unit? As for DVD's I haven't had any problems with home made DVDR's. I have many VBR MP3's and have burnt them as is. Sorry I can't be more help but delighted to help with the roof module. Mine continues...
  13. Burger

    Faulty NTG1 Comand?

    What music source are you listening to? In my 2007 R230 with NTG1 I experience no such drop outs at any time. My iPhone is connected through a Viseeo MB2 via bluetooth and I mostly listen to an iPod playing through a Dension 500. The iPhone receives emails, texts etc. and the music never drops...
  14. Burger

    You have a car sized display case in your very large room ...

    There isn't a car in the world that if I wanted to own it I wouldn't want to drive it so I guess the glass case would be useless to me :)
  15. Burger

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    That plates had a few mentions on this thread including... I wonder if he was stealing the money to pay for the plate :) In fact I wonder if the plate even really belonged to his car?
  16. Burger

    Untaxed Vehicles

    I thought the law had changed in that every single vehicle now had to be taxed or sorn'd. No alternative? Just checked. First paragraph seems to make it clear... Regards,
  17. Burger

    Motorcycling Sikh wearing a turban

    Perfectly legal... Rules for motorcyclists (83-88) : Directgov - Travel and transport First paragraph 83 covers it. Madness! I've had bikes for years and I've never been asked by any insurance company what my religion is or if I wear a crash helmet. I've also never read any stipulation in an...
  18. Burger

    Audemars Piguet Watch....Real or Fake

    I would say it's definitely a fake because of the thickness of the AP. On the genuine ones this is much thinner. Also, in your pictures, although I appreciate it could be the picture quality and lighting, I can't see the luminous edging to the digits that exists on the genuine watches.
  19. Burger

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    I believe this turned out to be 'news' based on a comment made by an MP. There's a thread on Piston Heads about it together with a response from the DfT to someone there asking if it was real. No date has been proposed or announced from what I can read.
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