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  1. altreed

    W124 rough transmission shifting

    I would suggest changing the oil in the gearbox. As a maintenance schedule I now replace the ATF every 60k whatever the car is. Prevention is better than cure.
  2. altreed

    W202 Auto problems

    We had problems with our W202 '97 5 spd. It ended up are the Merc garage, under 3rd party warranty. They replaced an internal gearbox part which had been updated by MB after a number of geabox issues (dont know what it was), they replace the oil and all was well after. Pricey fix, but it was...
  3. altreed

    Problem starting - 8yr stationary

    Thanks, we managed to tow it in neutral. We found that one rear wheel was locked. We jacked up and managed to remove the rear caliper and clean it all up. After that, it was plain sailing, although the steering was a bit on the heavy side :) We couldn't siphon out the old fuel and...
  4. altreed

    2013 W212 E63 AMG - Wheel wobble/vibration at high speed

    I suffer wheel wobble on our BMW, I believe the front calipers are dragging slightly and the disc is slightly warping as it gets hot - feeling like mis-balance at speed. Check your brake calipers....
  5. altreed

    S212 E350cdi lowering

    I fitted H&R springs on my AMG c36 as I found the AMG springs a bit too hard for crap roads. This was such a good mod I have fitted them onto my daily grind.. BMW 330D touring, replacing the M Sport springs, as I found them a bit too harsh. Anyone wants nicer ride. H&R springs no...
  6. altreed

    Problem starting - 8yr stationary

    How do you get it into neutral if the engine not running, does it not lock in Park? Never tried to put it in Neutral.
  7. altreed

    Problem starting - 8yr stationary

    Thanks, I will try to siphon the fuel out and then add fresh fuel. ATM I just need to drive the car round the corner for a few days while work is done on the drive, then I can bring it home. Next year the strip and reno should start in our new garage. :D
  8. altreed

    Problem starting - 8yr stationary

    Thanks, C36. Where do I drain the tank? It spun on the starter motor. When it ran the engine sounded nice, no knocks or clatters. Thnks Dave
  9. altreed

    Problem starting - 8yr stationary

    Hi, We tried to start my old merc after it being parked on my drive for anything up to 8 years. Won't fire. :wallbash: - Checked it has a spark and the tank is half full. - Smells like petrol at the exhaust fumes. - Pressed the 'tyre valve' on the fuel rail, it is pumping squirts...
  10. altreed

    What 124 bodykit is this?

    I used to have a Mk II Golf GTi with a full Kamei body kit. Not bad quality, just questionable styling in this day and age {ducks} :dk:
  11. altreed

    Chipping a C220CDi - worth it?

    e270CDI chipping experience + DMS info Hi, After adding a 'Dragon' tuning chip (2nd hand) to my Father-in-law's C270cdi, I took my dAd out in it, he thought the performace was so impressive that he wanted one for his e270CDI. :devil: Verily I bought a 2nd hand e270CDI unit from a member...
  12. altreed

    Import from NI

    How difficult is it to re-register a car from Northern Ireland? I have seen a non-MB car I am almost interested in, the downside is that it is in N.I. I am put off with having to travel to see it and if I did, how bad is it to re-register it? Cheers for any advice
  13. altreed

    How to ruin a Cosworth!

    Mhmmmm Like the ad said; could do with a respray, fit a normal rear spoiler and AMG wheels and remove the silly radiogram and fit something suitable, it could be a nice Evo3 rep.
  14. altreed

    This made me smile.....

    To fit a C36 or C43..... LoL :confused:
  15. altreed

    RHD SL65 AMG Black Series!

    I must admit I like the SL65 BE. I think the wheels suit this special car. I wouldn't change a thing. Well, apart from adding NOSSsssss (obviously)!!!
  16. altreed

    Brabus calipers and disks for SLK CLK C E SL

    Just wish I could afford that sort of upgrade. :o
  17. altreed

    One for Tudu

    :¬o I would love to slip that into my c36 :devil: However, I have my orders!!! :(
  18. altreed

    Interesting Zeemax SL500

    I quite like it, but I would de-badge it.
  19. altreed

    S55 - AMG Interior changes?

    Nice colour, but vastly overpriced as it is non-kompressor version.
  20. altreed

    C36 AMG with a special engine.....supposedly!

    Seats look similar to mine. I think they are standard?
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