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  1. AshC63

    Remap Msl Performance

    Nice one Rick . Nice upgrade to the Cls too .
  2. AshC63

    TRAX 2016 Silverstone Sunday 25th Sept

    1. Alps, E55, 1, 1 2. Bruno (I'm such a Neanderthal) 3. Developer E63 1, 1 4. V8sam Cls C63 1, 1 5. Daveenty E63 (hopefully) 1, 1 6. SJMaxwell E63 or CLK55 1, 1 7. ACEJ AMG GTS 1,1 8. pawoodford Kleemann S8 SLK 1,2 9. Suky Sangha CLS 55 AMG 1, 1 10. Sedrick clk 55 Cabrio 1 pass 1 Ticket 11...
  3. AshC63

    AMG thefts ?

    Yes Merc keys can be cloned very quickly . I was at a certain show where a gentlemen actually cloned my key within 2 minutes. As Gasman said various ways of protecting your car. Some of the above product are good but as it goes without saying if they want it so bad they will take it . All we can...
  4. AshC63

    West Midlands Meet

    How dare you , never ever in Notts ( only Milton Keynes ) will be a sensible night & me & Bruno wont need any assistance either :rolleyes:
  5. AshC63

    Weistecs a go

    It's not fake .. The 507 was built around my mota bwoy! As for your wagon .. I have a broken fridge for you to collect KangarooBruno, it's got enough gas in it to get you round Vmax .
  6. AshC63

    Weistecs a go

    Paul great project , I'm liking it, great to see the kit on complete . Ignore Bruno he's just a wind up merchant , harmless when you meet him :)
  7. AshC63

    Affalterbach Trip

    Hi Stuart Me , ChrisA, Don & few others may arrange another flyby ( dates dependant ) , was great St13phil, a comical week with the gang & a nice finish with the Alpenstrasse. :0)
  8. AshC63

    West Midlands Meet

    Quick tidy up, and the pub do an all you can eat breakfast for £3.99 01. Stuartk----------Yes 02. Daveenty--------Yes 03. ZeroZero 04. Developer 05. CC55 06. dbgrn-----------Yes 07. Gordon 08. Russ------------Yes 09. E55jay 10. Seanhump 11. DaveC88 12. RussJ 13. S55KL 14...
  9. AshC63

    PCS gtg and BENZ ON THE GREEN, May 14th 2016!

    01) Rashman 02) sjmaxwell 03) Andy27168 04) Flango 05) Daveenty 06) st13phil 07) whitenemesis 08) Doodle 09) ginger55k 10) merc85 11). Alfie 12). Richard 13) C43 AMG 14) SL300-24 15) AMGeed 16) Acej 17) Donshl 18) Ringway 19) BillyW124 20) Will 21) DW124 22) C36fan 23) Bryan Allmän 24) MicB+1...
  10. AshC63

    C63 cracked multi spoke time for new wheels

    Good choice of wheel Lee better then Bvc's that I've seen :)
  11. AshC63

    C63S thoughts vs 507

    Nice write up as always Dunc :thumb:. There's a lot of chat & banter over the 4.0tt & the M156. At acids we had a chance to listen to the exhaust on their Edition 1 & I would agree the element of artificialness was apparent but I must say the interior was spot on. Personally i don't...
  12. AshC63

    Yorks/N Midlands/Lincs/Lancs Curry Night?

    Me too , sorry guys missing out on this one, family plans have taken over again :(
  13. AshC63

    Yorks/N Midlands/Lincs/Lancs Curry Night?

    1.Flango 2. Meldrew2 3. corned (provisional) 4.Tim Kemp 5.RBeck89 6.Big Un 7.Ash ( pending location )
  14. AshC63

    Weistecs a go

    Will b great to hear & compare it against one of the Ipe's for sure . Another monster unleashed :)
  15. AshC63

    Weistecs a go

    Nice one Paul ,looks tidy on boot too. Be good to see it at next meet , :) Car graphics sort the headers out ok at the end?
  16. AshC63

    What Security has your Benz got?

    If you got extra security don't mention it on a public forum & keep your car safe!
  17. AshC63

    Vettel and Ferrari win Hungarian Grand Prix

    The :bannana: was the closest to saying he don't give two monkeys!
  18. AshC63

    TRAX 2015 Silverstone- 19th July

    Great meet! Thankyou to Alps for the continuous efforts to arrange this every year. Nice meet old & new friends .Lots to see & do,so sorry if I missed anyone & didn't get a chance to say hi.Hopefully catch up with ya'll soon.
  19. AshC63

    TRAX 2015 Silverstone- 19th July

    Many thanks! :thumb: your efforts are not forgotten Alps. I'm sure all the guys will buy you drinks on the day as a Thankyou ( cheap coffee rounds boys -good job he's driving :D:D)
  20. AshC63

    TRAX 2015 Silverstone- 19th July

    I'm Junc 25 Scott. Yes Dave just bell me & il join the convoy on the M1 as you guys head down
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