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  1. Wizeng

    Merry Christmas all

    Merry Christmas to you all :)
  2. Wizeng

    Have you owned any of these?

    I had a 3.0 Capri, great fun, but the brakes failed coming into a roundabout and I had a few dicey moments!
  3. Wizeng

    Good Sub 2k Mercedes or Alternative

    Honda crv- 2.2 diesel 45mpg
  4. Wizeng

    What's the origin of your forum name?

    I was employed as a (modest) mechanical engineer, Retired now :)
  5. Wizeng

    Big white smoke?

    I had a head gasket blow and it caused the white smoke, do not drive untill u know.
  6. Wizeng

    Redundancy of my job

    I wish I had done it earlier ;);)
  7. Wizeng


    I had a Peugot 406 V6 3.0L estate which was under 7 sec 0-60, that was a sleeper OK. :D
  8. Wizeng

    So what started you off on your career path?

    I always wanted to be an inventor, so I became a Design Engineer the hard way (apprenticeship, tech & lots of study) now semi retired ,have patented many ideas, and really enjoyed my working life.:D:D
  9. Wizeng

    A bit of an impulse buy really

    I had a 406 V6 saloon, which would blast off all the Chav cars, it was great & would pass anything but a petrol pump! (3 litre engine):D:D
  10. Wizeng

    Bloody snow

    In Peterborough we only had about 1" of snow so far, so no comment about how my M&S tyres are behaving :D.
  11. Wizeng

    New Posts

    What has happened to the 'New Posts' Header at the top? I used to use it constantly to filter out the older posts. Now it takes twice as long. :wallbash:
  12. Wizeng

    More Jokes

    I'm cream crackered!!
  13. Wizeng

    Tulisa on The One Show

    How about a link then? ;)
  14. Wizeng

    Varifocal spectacles ....

    I had 2 pairs of glasses for reading and driving, 2 years ago I got the highest specification varifocals available, put them on and had no problems at all, it is important to get the best quality even though they cost a fair bit more.
  15. Wizeng

    Tyre Contact Patch

    I had to do some work on low ground pressure tyres, to my amazement, the area of rubber on the road is equal to load on the wheel divided by tyre pressure, therefore wider wheels have a shorter contact patch.
  16. Wizeng

    Fuel light??

    On my C Class, if the fuel gets too low, the engine management light stays on for three days after the car gets refuelled. Hope this helps.
  17. Wizeng

    Good socket set?

    My Hilka set is over 50 years old, I haven't broken anything but lost the odd socket, which I replaced with Britool, Anybody need any Whitworth socets?:):)
  18. Wizeng

    Remove front bumper on 203

    I found it was a lot less easy putting it back:wallbash::wallbash:
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