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  1. Tblk

    Cheesed off with your Mercedes?

    Car 1 C63 - too it in for its annual service, engine bay rattling on the drive home, opened up Bonnet found engine cover broken and just wedged on top. Car 2 E53 - took it in for annual service, again engine rattle, open up bonnet found tool left on engine cover!
  2. Tblk

    AMG warranties

    I agree. I’ve bought 2 from the dealers and they both come with 2yrs
  3. Tblk

    Thanks for letting me join

  4. Tblk

    Edition 125 - What Plate?

    I don’t think there’s any difference. Edition 125 is just the first of the facelifts. The facelifts come with different lights, dashboard, command and upgraded gearbox
  5. Tblk

    E53 or something else

    E53 wagon owner here. I’ve had mine for 13 months and it’s my daily (90mile commute). Prior to the E53, I had a brand new E220 wagon diesel for 2years. The E220 felt like a tool compare to the E53 and I have no regrets. I opted for the pre face as I wanted a Q car. The power is great, love the...
  6. Tblk

    New Car

    Nice car and lovely interior. Be mindful of potholes as the Yoko’s are rubbing when you hit one. I’ve replace 3 in one year and in one instance, the tyre wasn’t even a day old!
  7. Tblk

    The AMG Car park look back picture thread.....

    I’m the same. Drives the Mrs nuts
  8. Tblk

    New owner saying hi. Tenorite S204 C63

    Nice. Enjoy the rumble
  9. Tblk

    Hello new member

    Welcome. Just remember to look back at the car when walking away from it.
  10. Tblk

    E53 exhaust sound

    Pop it in sports + with the performance exhaust it sounds nice
  11. Tblk

    E53 fuel grade?

    I always run my E53 on 99Ron. Had it for over a year now.
  12. Tblk

    Looking to purchase this C63

    Didn’t realise prices are this high. Mines a better spec which I was going to sell but changed my mind. Maybe I should think about it again.
  13. Tblk

    E53 Safety Recall

    Mines and estate though so maybe the battery is specific to the model
  14. Tblk

    E53 Safety Recall

    The two I have are Sealing transmission harness Mounting of 12v battery
  15. Tblk

    E53 Safety Recall

    Mine went in for 2 recalls. I informed them of the harness one and allegedly parts were ordered. When it went in, I was informed they have to order more parts as it’s specific to the car. Still waiting for their call to book it in again
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  17. Tblk

    New member

    Welcome :cool:
  18. Tblk

    E43 vs E53 saloon

    Any issues with the 53 ? You gotta keep the C63 ! None. Love both. Was looking at the E63 but felt it’ll be too much to daily. The 53 just fits the bill. Families duties - tick, tip duties- tick, commuting- tick. Very easy to drive sedately too. The only issue is when I jump into the 63 and...
  19. Tblk

    E43 vs E53 saloon

    Here’s mine on its first family holiday
  20. Tblk

    E43 vs E53 saloon

    I’m loving my E53. Bought it to replace my C63 and my E220. Upset the other half over the weekend when I told her I’m keeping the C63 as well.
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