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  1. mickl

    CLK W209 18in Tyres

    Thanks. Missed this great forum after moving to the dark side for a couple years!
  2. mickl

    CLK W209 18in Tyres

    Thank you very much for the help.
  3. mickl

    CLK W209 18in Tyres

    hi folks I'm looking at some AMG 18in alloys for a W209 that I've just bought (same as ones in pic below). Style IIIs I think?? I know the rims fit the W209 but cannot remember what the tyres sizes should be. I'm thinking they should be: Front-225 / 40 R18 92 Y Rear- 255 / 35 R18 94 Y...
  4. mickl

    CLK buying advice

    looks like I'm going to lean towards a 320 petrol. Going to look for a 2004 car at minimum if I can't find a facelift one at the price.
  5. mickl

    CLK buying advice

    I'd like a facelift 320/350 petrol but don't think my budget will stretch to that unless it's high miles. BTW are there any know issues with the 350 petrol engine?
  6. mickl

    CLK buying advice

    hi guys having gone to the Beemer dark side for a little while looking to get back to Merc ownership with a cheap second 'fun' car. Been looking at the W209 CLK and trying to decide on a 270CDI, 320CDI or 320 petrol. What's peoples views? I'd be doing about 6000 miles a year in it...
  7. mickl

    CLS W219 buying tips

    I'm looking to buy a CLS 320CDI, probably a 2006-7 model, maybe 08 if I stretch the budget a bit. I want something comfy to do motorway miles in and not particularly keen on the equivalent E Class. Just wondering if there's anything in particular to look out for in these? I believe...
  8. mickl

    911 thoughts please gentlemen.

    if your budget allows, get a Turbo or a GT3 version of the 997 or even the 996. The Metzger engine is bullet proof, if not then definitely get a Gen2 997 with the DI engine. If you do buy a car with a Porsche OEM warranty and it's not from a Porsche dealer, you should get it inspected by a...
  9. mickl

    Exclusive Xmas and New Year Offer from Eurocharged

    Mickl R171 SLK55 MY05
  10. mickl

    Best New Battery for 211 E55?

    MB batteries come with a 2 year warranty these days and they usually fit it for free. I changed mine recently and the price was comparable to a heavy duty one from the RAC.
  11. mickl

    Wanted weekend Car AMG V8?

    Get a CLK55, much less to go wrong and big enough to be a 4 seater. and hello from the other side of Manc town.
  12. mickl

    What to do? ( post your case on their social network sites and name names and times.
  13. mickl

    CLS 55 AMG ID document

    my V5 has the engine number, same on all my previous AMG cars.
  14. mickl

    Those under-bumper lights in the UK?

    Auto lights probably has a lot to do with that. Set and forget from day 1 of ownership.
  15. mickl

    klp 92 old car

    is the seller a member on here? he seems to be a Merc specialist seller looking at his stock.
  16. mickl

    Those under-bumper lights in the UK?

    If you drive all the time with fog lamps on then I just think a: you're unable to operate the controls on your car properly b: if you think you need them on all the time then you're not looking at the correct piece of tarmac or you have eyesight problems. either way, it just makes me...
  17. mickl

    C63 AMG 507 edition question

    I really don't understand how people can go and buy a brand new car and not check what is standard for the price and what is optional?
  18. mickl

    W210 e55 amg

    doesn't that defeat the point of having an estate car?
  19. mickl

    Network switch

    I had two 8 port tplink switches for about a few years before I purchased the 24port one and never had a problem them. Netgear, d-link and other midrange stuff, plenty of issues with failed routers, inoperable ports, etc.
  20. mickl

    Network switch

    I have the tplink for the network in the study. great piece of kit for that price.
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