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  1. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Wanted : carat steering wheel

    I know it’s a long time ago but did you find what you wanted? I may have.available a Carat Duchatelet steering wheel, Momo 40cm. I can probably supply a boss too.
  2. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Help! Need wheel bolt size for W639 Vito Mark 2

    I need new M14x1.5 wheel bolts for my W639's new alloy wheels. Long enough to be secure but not so long that they foul the handbrake mechanism in the rear drum/disc. Can anyone please tell me how far they should protrude from the back of the wheel in mm? Bolts were supplied with the wheels...
  3. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Restoring grip of leather steering wheel

    Please ignore. Mods please delete.
  4. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Thank you, MBClub, and goodbye!

    Today I sold my 1995 E300D and delivered it to its new owner. I owned the car for 5 years and 5 days. This must say something about Mercedes-Benz because I have had over 30 cars since my first 37 years ago, keeping them for an average of only 15 months. Previously, the longest I had ever...
  5. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Where to go on a short break?

    How about North Yorkshire? Scarborough is possibly Britain's oldest spa resort and has plenty to offer in itself, as well as being a good centre for touring the area. Tourist information: Scarborough | Whitby, Scarborough, Filey - Discover the Yorkshire Coast and Countryside Some hotels...
  6. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Carat Duchatelet body kit for 190 (W201)

    Low starting price, no reserve. I have no connection with seller. Genuine Complete Carat Duchatelet Body-Kit | eBay UK
  7. TonyVianoAmbiente

    This is incredible.....

    Jaguar claimed the car would do 220 mph as purchased. A modified XJ220 driven by Martin Brundle could still only manage 217 mph on a racing circuit, but then Jaguar sneakily tried to claim that this was the equivalent of 223 mph on a straight road. A class action by disgruntled XJ220 owners...
  8. TonyVianoAmbiente

    M1 Speed Cameras Nottingham

    Unfortunately, you are quite wrong. Average speed cameras are emphatically **NOT** a set of "spot speed cameras", because on their own they cannot measure your speed ... Average speed cameras work on the basis of number plate recognition. The first camera recognises your number plate and...
  9. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Rough Cost per square meter for Tarmac / Black Paving or concrete Paving?

    Agree 100% with the above. Hardcore is a very cheap way to bring up levels but the large voids mean you're asking for trouble with frost heave, and you won't even need a winter as cold as the last two to find that out. MoT Type 1 is the way to go. Also agree 100% on the choice of block...
  10. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Best Sandwich?

    My variation on this is mashed ripe avocado on warm ciabatta with a generous squeeze of garlic, plenty of black pepper and lashings of crispy bacon. I'm currently munching (as I type this) on crab pate on toast, with garlic, black pepper and lemon juice. Mmmm!
  11. TonyVianoAmbiente

    This is incredible.....

    Remember the XK220, another limited production Jaguar that greatly enthused the motoring press but failed to sell? Jaguar had firm orders (with substantial deposits) for over half of them. But as production continued, it was apparent that the target 220 mph speed was not remotely attainable...
  12. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Sounds like a flat tyre. But what is it?

    I had a rear tyre that was making a drumming noise (bom-bom-bom) that varied with road speed. I checked the outer tyre wall and made sure it had the correct pressure several times ... then I looked underneath the car and there was a bulge on the inner side wall. I blame traffic calming -...
  13. TonyVianoAmbiente

    Which colour to paint wheels?

    I had the alloy wheels on my VW camper van refinished in this colour. They not only looked gorgeous (IMHO) but never seemed to show the dirt and dust that quickly ruins the appearance of alloys painted bright silver. I was also offered a two-tone finish with bright silver outer faces but the...
  14. TonyVianoAmbiente


    A Belgian company should be able to accept payment via IBAN/BIC. That's a free money transfer service to anyone living in the Euro zone or holding a bank account in a Euro zone country. Trouble is, most UK banks charge upwards of £20 for the service plus currency exchange commission...
  15. TonyVianoAmbiente

    goodbye mb

    Volvo use a stretched Ford C1 platform for the following Volvo cars: 2004> Volvo S40 saloon 2004> Volvo V50 estate 2006> Volvo C70 coupe/convertible 2007> Volvo C30
  16. TonyVianoAmbiente

    IAM Road Accident Contributory Factors Analysis

    The problem is that all the other drivers on the road are less skilled than we are. ;)
  17. TonyVianoAmbiente

    security bolts

    You need six full turns to develop the design capacity of a bolt. So seven turns will be fine.
  18. TonyVianoAmbiente

    S Reg W124

    One careful owner ... ... and six previous owners! Presumably plus at least one in India. :confused:
  19. TonyVianoAmbiente

    How to remove Google mail

    Yes, you do! Googlemail and gmail are exactly the same thing. For a time, Google had to use "Googlemail" for the UK and one other country because gmail had already been registered there. Google have now come to an agreement with the previous holders of gmail so that the whole world now...
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