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  1. BigBenz

    Winter Wheels 17" Dunlop SP Winter Sport 3D and Mercedes alloys

    Hi Bob, Do you have the code off the wheels please - I want to check if they are the same as mine and therfore if they will fit my E320 My wheel code is 8Jx17 H2 ET38 Thanks Nige
  2. BigBenz

    4 Continental ContiSport Contact 3 Tyres 255 45 17 MO + HOMAN Wheels

    Hi, interested in the wheels. Can you PM me with your contact details.
  3. BigBenz

    Blower motor

    Not sure if you've solved your problem Grenvillecl but I had to change the bushes on my fan and it's quite easy. I can't give a step by step guide but from memory take the fan out from the housing under the glovebox, you'll have to knock the plastic vaned fan off the motor shaft to access the...
  4. BigBenz

    Fuel system intermittent issue

    Had similar problem with my E300 TD, turned out it was both the "O" rings on the fuel lines and the pump, the local stealership did me a deal as they were looking for work to cover their overheads - worked a treat afterwards
  5. BigBenz

    Go on lets here your favorite "Obscure" Records...

    Turn of the Century - Going for The One - Yes
  6. BigBenz

    Avalanche in Glencoe

    Perhaps I should have said "right place wrong time" The thrill is challenging yourself but calculating the risks so the odds are in your favour to live another day, this can be applied to lots of circumstances including climbing or driving. Sometimes things happen outside your control e.g. the...
  7. BigBenz

    What's everyone listening to ?

    Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds the New Generation, a Christmas present from my boy, looking forward to spotting differences from the original
  8. BigBenz

    Avalanche in Glencoe

    I drive through Glencoe at least 4 times a year and even with no snow the mountains are very intimidating let alone when covered in snow, its a barren landscape for a reason. Wrong place wrong time.
  9. BigBenz

    Bloody snow

    Was due to drive to Portsmouth on Friday night....avoided any potential problems by not going! Cars not left the drive since hence no problem :thumb:
  10. BigBenz

    Diesel benz

    No worries Hiten, hope you get sorted Cheers Nige
  11. BigBenz

    Diesel benz

    Hiten, my E300TD 1998 7 seater Estate is up for grabs now, tax end Jan 2013, MOT 6th Sept 2013 - any good? If interested we can talk. Nige
  12. BigBenz

    Howto: Clean the Duovalve

    Many thanks POD, your instructions were simple but very accurate and gave me the confidence to have a go - and lo and behold the Missus won't be getting cooked any longer:D I stripped down the Duovalve put it back together and it works a treat - I don't know what I did.........but it worked:o...
  13. BigBenz

    190000 and going strong

    217,000 on my '98 E300TD - still a joy to drive
  14. BigBenz

    Red Dead Redemption

    My 16 yo got this a few days ago, up to level 36 already He said it's very good but quite repetitive, already wants upgrades to download Nige
  15. BigBenz

    What industry do you work in?

    Used to be self employed upholsterer for 16 yrs - now in insurance managing small team and 2 databases.............
  16. BigBenz

    HM R&C are a flamin' shower...

    Thanks Noodle-Pulp, the one that worried me was the Lottery Scam Seeing daughter this w/end so will ring HMRC while with her - I don't hold out much hope of a speedy resolution though :wallbash:
  17. BigBenz

    HM R&C are a flamin' shower...

    My 19 yr old daughter received 2 tax coding letters last week, 1 for a part time job she has, the other for working for a MRS ELIZABETH MCPHERSON who none of us have ever heard of......answers on a postcard To make matters worse she is at Uni at the other end of the country so I can't sort it...
  18. BigBenz

    Any Golfers On Here?

    Biggest problem I have on the 1st is not over clubbing - it's not as far as it looks:o
  19. BigBenz

    Any Golfers On Here?

    I play at the Northcliffe club each year against the Bradford Police - still can't get the hang of the 18th after 4 attempts :mad: My home club is Rudding Park near Harrogate, fantastic course with lots of varied holes and great setting - can't wait to get out again soon :) Nige
  20. BigBenz

    Quick note on the VAT change

    Ordered a nearly new car for the missus last Saturday, invoice raised with 17.5% vat, I rang the garage on wednesday and asked for a new invoice to be raised at 15% vat as we are collecting & paying for the car on Monday 1st Dec. After 30 mins the salesman rang me back to tell me the company...
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