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  1. jasons

    ABS sensor issue ?

    just an update I took the car for MOT and diagnostic check the light came on during the journey to the dealer they carried out the diagnostic first but the light had gone out there were stored codes for o/s/f wheel speed sensor they advised getting them changed in pairs I enquired about the...
  2. jasons

    ABS sensor issue ?

    I think its more serious than just a sensor as when the light is off the brakes feel very intermittent and the ABS kicks in on gentle braking but not every time
  3. jasons

    ABS sensor issue ?

    the battery is only about 2 years old and the stop start works ok the ECO symbol goes green nearly straight away, bit more of an update so yesterday and today the warning lights came on as soon as I put the ignition on I started the car and the lights stayed on ( with the warning lights on the...
  4. jasons

    ABS sensor issue ?

    for the last couple of days I have been experiencing an intermittent warning light on my W204 C220 cdi estate saying to consult owners handbook and the run flat inoperative and have the ABS and traction control warning lights on I suspect it is sensor but would a sensor be intermittent. the...
  5. jasons

    Keeping the Windscreen Wash from Freezing

    just to save them from breaking if they become frozen
  6. jasons

    Mercedes Me on a S204 ??

    i have it on mine and yes its a bit gimmicky but i like it i use it to keep track of my journeys and fuel spend plus where the car is parked location plus i like the info you get after each journey showing you coolant temp,battery voltage,oil temp,intake air temp and outside air temp i am a bit...
  7. jasons

    Keeping the Windscreen Wash from Freezing

    i have used the halfords stuff in previous cars and never had a problem and since getting my mercedes nearly 3 years ago i have only used the mercedes winterfit stuff and it is excellent i use it all year round but i must be really economical with the washers as i have only ever topped up the...
  8. jasons

    Tonight 9.00 125 discovery sl 55 wheeler dealer

    good episode i watched it today although wasn't sure about the ball joint repair
  9. jasons

    Owning Experience/Reliability of C220 W204/S204

    i bought my 2012 S204 in february 2020 just before lockdown from a mercedes dealer with 46k on the clock and one previous owner granted it didnt have all the extras i wanted but condition and history out weighed that it even had the blue plastic covering on the tailgate chrome plate still. it...
  10. jasons

    Rear Subframe for a W204???

    just wondering if anybody has thought about getting the rear brake pipes replaced while the subframe is off as most of the labour is covered by warranty for removal of subframe that is assuming the subframe has to be removed to replace them
  11. jasons

    service plan enquiry

    i have a 2012 Class which i purchased in 2020 at the time of purchase i took out a 4 year service plan,just wondering at the end of the 4 years do mercedes carry it on if you want to as the vehicle will be 12 years old at that point.
  12. jasons

    How common is steering lock failure on the W204?

    i think changing things just because they might fail is an expensive way of car ownership if you look at all the potential problems with a car and changed everything just in case they went wrong you might as well by a new car yes it is a known problem but its only a common problem because people...
  13. jasons

    Mercedes Main Dealer - Experiences

    i bought my car from MB stevenage and had excellent service but they are too far for servicing so i use MB cambridge and bury st edmunds and have received excellent service from both.
  14. jasons

    2002 sprinter 308 limp mode

    your receipt might say diesel but was it defineatley diesel that went in,you need to start logically i would go back to the garage and ask if anybody else has experienced any issues from the same pump i have known a tanker driver mix up and put the wrong fuel in. then maybe drain the tank to see...
  15. jasons

    Rear Subframe for a W204???

    i suppose it would be interesting to know if there is a pattern for these failing is it the same area that is failing ( IE SAME SIDE) and is it more common on certain cars ( saloon,estate or coupe) i am guessing they are the same subframe, mine is a 2012 estate and touchwood mine appears to be...
  16. jasons

    Sprinter 315

    sounds like you have a leak on the fuel side and its drawing in air and the fuel has probably run back to the tank so it has to pull it all back up hence taking time to start,you need to check fuel connections for split pipes etc
  17. jasons

    W204 estate dog guard

    any recommendations for a dog guard for an W204 estate,is the cargo net thing sufficient i wonder if the dog would fit through the gap in the sides.
  18. jasons

    W204 timing chain done

    glad you got it sorted but it must have been making a noise long before it let go.
  19. jasons

    Mot , service and gearbox service .

    my thoughts exactly i assumed it was included in the service plan thats the whole point of them to spread the servicing costs.
  20. jasons

    what audio do i have

    I would say you have the audio 20 system which uses the Becker map pilot module in the glovebox which is the same as mines just connect my phone to the headunit via bluetooth and play my music that way
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