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  1. Sooty_uk

    IPhone 6 not working with media interface

    Are you using a genuine Apple 30 pin to lightning connector? I know people sometimes get issues with the non-genuine ones. Mine worked fine without any issues. Even the SMS support worked on the iPhone 6.
  2. Sooty_uk

    2004 C220 CDI Not Starting after storing for six months

    The CLK is 209... But some part numbers on my old CLK started with 209 and some with 203 (as some were same as the C class). Don't know if this helps. I would say it is best to speak to a Mercedes specialist who should be able to get to the bottom of it
  3. Sooty_uk

    Tool to import speedcams in COMAND

    I update mine about every 1 - 2 months. I guess it depends where you drive and things. For example I tend to drive the same roads over and over again as I do the same route every week, if I was going somewhere I have never been before then I would update it. If you do a lot of driving on...
  4. Sooty_uk

    Tool to import speedcams in COMAND

    Yes it works really well especially with the audible alert, I played around with mine and set it to 10 sec otherwise it was going off too often. Was a but gutted when I switched to Mac as the application only works with Windows , in the end I had to install Windows as I missed this...
  5. Sooty_uk

    Tool to import speedcams in COMAND

    This should explain about the file:
  6. Sooty_uk

    Tool to import speedcams in COMAND

    You need to rename the file extension to .zip once you have done that open it up and you will find the kml file inside the zip file
  7. Sooty_uk

    Who's your car insured by ?

    I'm currently with Direct Line but I tend to switch every year... Always tend to get silly renewal prices. I don't tend to go for the cheapest quote, I tend to go for lowest price mainstream company.
  8. Sooty_uk

    Active Parking Assist

    Hi, Can anyone advise if Active Parking Assist only works in your direction of travel... IE it will only work towards the left (in the UK)? If not does anyone have any tips on how to get it to active when parking on the right... On the P symbol I have noticed that the arrow has only ever...
  9. Sooty_uk

    Tool to import speedcams in COMAND

    I tried the app today with a SCDB file and worked perfectly. The app is really good and the process on the website is clear and very easy to read. THANKS :)
  10. Sooty_uk

    Need some help/advise

    Maybe I should have read through and realised that you already had it done! Lol
  11. Sooty_uk

    Need some help/advise

    Oh I only work in MK so don't know them very well, only ever used them to enable the telephone buttons on my CLK. To be honest the price the gentleman was offered by MB in MK don't seem too bad, at least you know they will do it properly
  12. Sooty_uk

    W212 E class - new LED headlights

    I would say that the LED low beam is a lot more white then Xenon. I am not an expert but would guess they have a colour of around 5000k. They look as good a Xenon lights however I would say Xenon's project the light further. The LED low beam are fitted to reflector headlights and not...
  13. Sooty_uk

    Need some help/advise

    I got a few options on my CLK enabled by PCS... They have the official STAR system... Think they charged £20 but it was a while ago. PCS Milton Keynes
  14. Sooty_uk


    Hi there what car do you have? Also do you know if it had the Media Interface option?
  15. Sooty_uk

    Tool to import speedcams in COMAND

    Does anyone know if I need to have a specific spec memory card or will any one work? Is there is min or max size that I need? Thanks
  16. Sooty_uk

    Personal Lease vs PCP?

    Car: E220 CDI SE Options: Metallic Paint & 7 Speed Automatic - I am paying £331 per month for 24 months + £2,979 (9 months) upfront payment and that is for 16k miles a year. - If you want 10k miles a year then it it is around £288 per month for 24 months + £2,592 upfront. If you want...
  17. Sooty_uk

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Didn't get to see what she actually looks like lol
  18. Sooty_uk

    Personal Lease vs PCP?

    Thanks for the advice guys... In the end I went for a E220 SE CDI partly because it comes pretty much with all the kit I wanted as standard... Should have it delivered by this time next week :)
  19. Sooty_uk

    Now Clean, My New to me Clk

    Nice I like the wheels on it :)
  20. Sooty_uk

    audio 20 Aux Lead

    I would go for this one if it is available for your car... Just plugs into the quad lock connector (at the top). Also if fitting in the glove box of the CLK it is really easy as you do not have to remove the glove box as you do on the C Class
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