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  1. Vilus

    CLS (219) Bluetooth adapter

    Yes, probably UHI in the CLS.
  2. Vilus

    CLS (219) Bluetooth adapter

    It is a Mercedes OEM Bluetooth adapter, similar to the Viseeo aftermarket models. They sit in the telephone cradle designed for Nokia type phones and enable hands-free bluetooth connectivity via the Headunit with a smartphone. No SIM Card capability. It connects your phone to the car.
  3. Vilus

    Road Tax ?

    Yep, that is what I could not get my head around at first. They get the Tax twice. I too thought the first year showroom tax would cover the car for 12 months regardless, but I had to tax my 3 month old pre-reg BMW when I picked it up. The info in my post was explained to me when I questioned...
  4. Vilus

    Road Tax ?

    The first year VED is normally charged in the 'on the road price' by the dealer and lasts 12 months. The first year VED on my BMW 3 series was about £800 due to emissions. If the car is then traded in before it expires the VED is cancelled the vehicle would be un-taxed, in the trade, ( If it is...
  5. Vilus

    For Any Knowlegable of Win10

    I had this issue on two of my Windows 10 PCs. It was down to Windows creating recovery partitions which block off a large chunk of the hard drive. Check out this youtube vid..... I was a bit nervous about doing it myself, but I followed the process exactly and got back my hidden 9GB.
  6. Vilus

    Michelin Crossclimate On E270cdi

    I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara which I use for work. I put Cross Climate SUV on in 225\65 R17 just a month ago. Previously I had Goodyear Vector 4 seasons gen2. The all season felt compromised, not as good as a summer tyre in the warmer weather and no where near a winter tyre in the cold. I have...
  7. Vilus

    If you were buying a 2 yr old E Class would you always go MB Approved and if so why?

    I was about trade in my 19 plate 3 series for a new shape CLS 400d at an independent last Xmas. One owner (ex Mercedes Benz) with 9500 mile on the clock. As it was an expensive purchase I decided to sleep on the deal, and overnight decided to take a look at the car in greater detail. It was due...
  8. Vilus

    A45S over M340i?

    My thought is that both are awesome cars. However the A45s is a super hot hatch, and the M340i is an executive saloon. I will shortly be swapping my BMW 2019 G20 330i for a G20 M340i when it turns 3 years old. I should have waited six months for the M340i to arrive back in 2019. I looked at...
  9. Vilus

    Karcher Power Washer K2

    I purchased a K2 Full Control from the Outlet a couple of months ago. I thinks it was about £85 including the extended warranty, £5.99. Arrived in a plain brown box. Just the powerwasher + lance. No instructions or accessories. Item looked brand new, no marks or scratches. It had been...
  10. Vilus

    Recommend a Snow Foam Lance for Karcher K4

    I bought the Autobrite lance on recomendation from a thread on this forum. Good quality, good performance. Wish I could say the same for the Karcher K4 I also use. Cheap glued plastic parts. I have had to dismantle and replace several parts despite very light use. The outlet elbow needed...
  11. Vilus

    The 'aviva' drive app

    Tell me about it. I get an email every month with my Google timeline. It is scary. It shows dates, times and places even I didn't know I'd been to! I know I could turn off GPS but most apps rely on it.
  12. Vilus

    Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax

    I gave the BMW a thorough clean yesterday two weeks after my initial application of the Hybrid Ceramic Wax. This time I followed the instructions and a light mist one section at a time blasted with the Karcher. Happy Days. Much easier when you know how. As the spray hit the Hybrid wax you could...
  13. Vilus

    Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax

    My BMW had a ceramic coat when it was new exactly a year ago. I decided to try the Hybrid Ceramic instead of paying £80 to a detailer to apply a top up ceramic coat. I was very impressed with the shine. We will have to wait and see regarding the durability.
  14. Vilus

    Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax

    Yep, I made the mistake of applying it to the whole car in one go to save time. By the time I had finished spreading the base coat it had started to dry. I realised as I was jet washing it off that I had probably messed up. If doing it over I would do one panel at a time as the instructions...
  15. Vilus

    Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax

    I applied this yesterday to my 3 Series. After watching several Youtube videos I decided to buff in the base coat into wet surface before blasting the residue off with a Karcher. Then applied a second coat, rinsed and dried with a microfibre. I think I ended up using too much product. I used...
  16. Vilus

    Why is a supercharger not used more?

    As Alex mentions, Top Fuel Dragsters are all supercharged. They reckon it takes 800+ BHP to get them spinning up to full boost to provide the 10,000 BHP they kick out!
  17. Vilus


    Just renewed my multi car policy with Admiral direct on their website. Last 2 years with LV and very happy until they stuck nearly £200 on this years renewal and would not budge. Admiral quoted me £160 less than LV renewal quote, so an increase of £40 overall. Last year I was quoted by Direct...
  18. Vilus

    [URGENT] ------>>>>> MBClub Covid-19 Response

    Done, thanks to all for keeping us entertained.
  19. Vilus

    Brabus D6 III, How Long Did Yours Take?

    Holy thread resurrection Batman!
  20. Vilus

    Hyundai Genesis G80 / or Mb Audi Bentley Aston Copy lol

    Recently read that the 'large grille syndrome' was started by BMW for the Chinese market, as the Chinese want their new cars to look distinctive from previous models! Thant's why I've got a huge Mr Potato Head Mustache on my 2019 3 series!
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