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  1. Alexf

    Change of bade colour ?

    Just got a c220 coupe and I can confirm a black badge over here too
  2. Alexf

    Bentley Bentayga

    The finished product is a lot better than the concept thank god :doh: But personally I would rather have a Jaguar F Pace, fraction of the price, looks far nicer and nobody assumes you're a knob..
  3. Alexf

    Picking New Car Up On Friday!

    I'm picking my first special (previous punto owner) and brand new car on Friday! Mercedes C Class Coupe Is there anything I need to be aware of or look out for? Also I heard that some cars have a break in period? For example, Advising you to only go so fast for 1000 miles. I looked...
  4. Alexf

    Mercedes Benz Floating Ipad Screens.

    I think people are missing something here. What is being accused as a slap dash last minute design error is actually a very complimentary and well thought out design. The curvature of the centre console with the floating screen above it is very much so deliberate and in my opinion looks far...
  5. Alexf

    Mercedes Benz Floating Ipad Screens.

    I really like the floating screen, I think it looks great... The larger ones anyway, the smaller ones with the plastic boarder look cheap.
  6. Alexf

    Are you as quick as Bottas?

    Waited for a green light :doh:
  7. Alexf

    Road Trip Video - CLK 350 in the Alps

    Nice introduction :D Less music more car noise would of been good though.
  8. Alexf

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Really!? I saw it up in Derbyshire, round the peak district.
  9. Alexf

    2018 Mercedes S Class Drives Off Assembly Line With Autopilot - Video

    I'll be happy when I can send my car off to McDonalds with a postit note on the window of my order with some money and it brings me back a Big Mac :thumb:
  10. Alexf

    Commit For Life

    At the risk of being cast out from the Mercedes owners club. Id have to say Jaguar :p The F type is an amazing car that starts at 50k, I prefer it over an Aston Martin! The F Pace starts at 34k... 34k!!!! The XJ is an incredible piece of craftsmanship And the XF is the all round top notch...
  11. Alexf

    Pet hates

    When you get a call from Mercedes saying your car will be delayed..
  12. Alexf

    Car has been delayed.

    Thats what im afraid of :(
  13. Alexf

    Car has been delayed.

    Terminal Delay :D What I mean is, is this likely to be a reoccurring thing now? What are other peoples experiences with it? I read somewhere on here one guys was delayed for months on end due to a lack of a certain part. Leather dash if I remember correctly. Also I've sold my car so if its...
  14. Alexf

    Car has been delayed.

    Got a call from Mercedes Leicester today, missed the call but the voicemail says my order has gone back by a couple of weeks and I'm now looking at the 2nd of August :( Should I be concerned?
  15. Alexf

    Done it! - New clk320

    That is a stunner! Congratulations! May you enjoy each and every mile in style and comfort.
  16. Alexf

    neat way of parking This is your man lol
  17. Alexf

    Are mercedes driver all -

    I'd argue that this is probably one of the nicest interiors this side of 50k... If thats not special I dont know what is.
  18. Alexf

    Are mercedes driver all -

    I never even gave infinity a thought. Good looking car :thumb: I wanted something special this time around and fell inlove with the c class coupe the day I first laid eyes on it in a Mc Donalds car park. I did like the look of the Lexus RC which looks quite similar to that infinity. Still...
  19. Alexf

    Are mercedes driver all -

    I see far more of the new A class than the new C class. But that's this generation though. Still I think the new C class is absolutely gorgeous and I'm looking forward to picking mine up in a few weeks :)
  20. Alexf

    Are mercedes driver all -

    What's with all the hate here for C Class owners?
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