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  1. Ronam2012

    SL55 - Brakes powder coated and BBS wheels on

    Wheels and calipers look great. Front grille is very nice - where did you get that from? I know there are lots on ebay although I'm worried about the quality!
  2. Ronam2012

    Bonnet Badge / Centre Caps / Etc .....

    I really like the look of the black and silver bonnet badge , but would be worried about buying a cheap replica. Anybody know where you can get a good quality one?
  3. Ronam2012


    Great find! Although when I put in my VIN along with the options listed is " technical modifications" anybody got any idea what that might be?
  4. Ronam2012

    New user - just purchased an SL55!

    Welcome! I bought my SL55 a couple of months ago , overall I am very happy with it I've put new tyres on all round and new pads and discs other than that nothing. Until today when I found the dreaded water ingress in the boot lxi has referred to. No problems yet but still trying to establish the...
  5. Ronam2012

    Damp foam around roof & PSE pump

    Hang it from the hinge bracket? How do you do that?
  6. Ronam2012

    Damp foam around roof & PSE pump

    I decided to check out if I had a damp problem today and indeed I do! The foam the PSE pump sits on was damp as was the foam around the roof pump. These are now drying out in the airing cupboard! I was thinking about wrapping these in a plastic back to stop them acting like a sponge if water...
  7. Ronam2012

    S63 amg Very nice!
  8. Ronam2012

    SL55 Back From Divine Detail

    Looks fabulous - all you need to do is keep it that clean!!
  9. Ronam2012

    SL Owners register

    Ronam2012: SL55 2003
  10. Ronam2012

    C55 resonator delete question.

    Id be interested to know who is doing the rear parking sensors and what sort of cost. I always thought the aftermarket kits looked pretty agricultural, so would be interested to hear your thoughts. Thanks
  11. Ronam2012

    Newbie - SL55 AMG

    Thanks John, appreciate it!
  12. Ronam2012

    Newbie - SL55 AMG

    Id also be interested in the costs for removing the secondary cats and resonators. The sound is good but Im sure it could be much better!!:thumb:
  13. Ronam2012

    Newbie - SL55 AMG

    Welcome, Ive recently bought a 2003 and can't stop grinning every time I get into it. Like you I'm thinking about a few mods but Ive just put on a new set of tyres and replaced the discs and pads all round. JRH30's post has really got me itching to do something about improving the sound and a...
  14. Ronam2012

    Thanks PCS

    Very nice! Sounds good too!!
  15. Ronam2012

    Good News, Bad News

    You need to let me know how it sounds when you get it back! I might then follow your example!
  16. Ronam2012

    Chrome Exhaust Tips

    What would you suggest. I don't want to damage them!
  17. Ronam2012

    Chrome Exhaust Tips

    Some half wit has painted the stainless steel ends on my car!I'm hoping that the steel wool might work?
  18. Ronam2012

    Any remap group buys coming up?

    Yeah well I guess being a newbie I cant expect to be first!! Although maybe Acid has just built in a bit of slippage time!!! 14th is the deadline!
  19. Ronam2012

    Any remap group buys coming up?

    That's the week after I'm bringing my car in! I thought I might have been first on the Dyno!!
  20. Ronam2012

    SL 55 - What to look out for

    Try again!
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