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  1. snoop51

    4x MER A21240104027X07 Mercedes Benz Alloy Wheel 8.5x17 ET48 5 Twin Spoke with Dunlop

    Make me an offer guys, wheels are located near Bradford as I've returned to my Northern roots:D:D
  2. snoop51

    4x MER A21240104027X07 Mercedes Benz Alloy Wheel 8.5x17 ET48 5 Twin Spoke with Dunlop

    4x Mercedes A21240104027X07 Mercedes Benz Alloy Wheel 8.5x17 ET48 5 Twin Spoke with Dunlop winter Tyres for sale. I'm after £650 for them but am open to offers.
  3. snoop51

    Soldiers caught killing...

    3 tours of Iraq, didn't want to go to Afghanistan, physical and mental issues prior to posting and saw his mate blown up the day before he went mental seem to point to him not being held responsible for his own actions. Maybe it's his senior officers who should be held accountable for sending...
  4. snoop51

    CCTV Surveilance

    I'm not sure and could be completely wrong but aren't there rules about what can be recorded on CCTV ie. you can video things within your boundary but not the public street outside it?:dk:
  5. snoop51

    Colchester to Bulford best route Monday morning

    Thanks Charles but I don't think I'll get as far as Popham before No1 son requires feeding, he's a 20 yr old squaddie who eats like a horse on a 2 hourly cycle (or that's what it seems like when he's home!):D:D
  6. snoop51

    Colchester to Bulford best route Monday morning

    Much appreciated guys, thanks, so basically I'm pretty screwed as there's no way in hell I'll be getting SWMBO & No1 son out of the house before 7am. ;) I only have to drive from Colchester to Ramsgate once every 4th Wednesday, I'm over the Dartford crossing by 6am just to avoid traffic. So...
  7. snoop51

    Colchester to Bulford best route Monday morning

    Advice required on the best route to take as I have the joy of trying to drive to Bulford from Colchester on Monday morning to take my son to his new barracks by 12 midday. According to the RAC A12, M25 North, M3 (which takes me past Heathrow) is the shortest/quickest) by 5 miles but I'm always...
  8. snoop51

    Is it really worth buying Premium brand tyres?

    YES YES YES IMHO. Cheapo tyres are the only ones that saw me losing the back end on a rainy day round a roundabout in a FWD Saab Estate some years ago. I thought I'd made a saving but ended up paying out for some premium brands asap to replace the cheapo crap I'd bought in the mistaken belief...
  9. snoop51

    More Jokes

    STUDENT WHO SCORED 0% ON AN EXAM I would have given him 100%!!! ________________________________________________________________________________ Q1. In which battle did Napoleon die? * his last battle Q2. Where was the Declaration of Independence signed? * at the bottom of...
  10. snoop51

    Driving in germany

    It used to be really nice I was stationed near there but that was over 20 years ago, cobbled streets, nice architecture and used to have a nice outside swimming pool but that'll be closed for a while yet at least to humans anyway:D. If you are up that way you aren't far from Belsen...
  11. snoop51

    e350 or jag XF 3.0

    I'm 6ft 2 and have no problems with the seats in mine.:)
  12. snoop51

    Jompy Boiler

    Just been to Kenya and Zanzibar, never saw an unhappy face (admittedly it wasn't anywhere near Dadaab refugee camp). I did however meet a Masai chap who had 5 wives and 42 yes 42 children, how many will live to maturity I don't know but it did lead me to believe that perhaps 42 kids 1 father was...
  13. snoop51

    Driving in germany

    They like mayonaise with fries (chips to me and you) chips are crisps in the Fartherland, jaegerschnitzels, wienerschitzels, currywurst (which is bratwurst with curry sauce) are all worth a try, as is the beer. Contrary to popular belief the Germans do have a sense of humour it's just completely...
  14. snoop51

    Filmed in the act.

    2.18 mins rider with camera is clearly still overtaking on a l/h bend on a no overtaking single line. It also always always amazes me when I see motorbikes on r/h bends wheels on the centre line head way over into opposing traffic, who'd be at fault if they slap their head into an opposing...
  15. snoop51

    This weekend I.....

    This weekend (Saturday A.M) I got back from my holiday to Kenya & Zanzibar, :(:(. Went back to work Sunday morning, looking out the window now at grey sky, grey sea & rain, boo. I wish I was back on the beach looking at white sands, blue sea and sky. The missus and I got in the house 0830...
  16. snoop51

    e350 or jag XF 3.0

    Of course you need / want the extra firepower.:devil::devil::devil::devil::D
  17. snoop51

    Worse car ever in snow !!

    Different tyre compounds ie less sticky in the dry, no such thing as winter or summer tyres or was it just practice makes perfect or less idiots on the road?:dk::dk::dk: or a combination of all these!
  18. snoop51

    New Beemer 3 beats Merc C...oh dear...

    Bugger age related amnesia kicks in either that or my fingers were typing faster than the cogs were turning. Doh:doh::doh: On reflection I think I was getting the marques confused, again I guess senior moment slipping in.
  19. snoop51

    Vw transporter sportline

    I know a guy who does airport runs in one. He's just had a new engine fitted at over 400000 miles other than that nothing other than fair wear and tear which isn't too bad IMO
  20. snoop51


    My dad was a self employed gardener, supplied van, tools, paid insurance etc etc before he died 9 years ago around Bradford / Leeds he used to charge £10 an hour then. Fuel is nearly half as much again as it was then, insurance has rocketed I wouldn't assume tools are cheap or maintain...
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