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  1. mb240

    Max power from a c32

    That would quite interesting to see. If it's the top of the curve and not a spike (mine spiked at 470 before normalising) - in which case that is some :rock::rock: C32 you have there! Did they switch the system into Dyno mode (for holding the gears)? fuel might also make a difference, as...
  2. mb240

    metal plate under engine?

    Actually insurance is quite low, for me ~€700/year. It's the tax that is high.
  3. mb240

    metal plate under engine?

    ...that it was 6 years old when I got it.....
  4. mb240

    Max power from a c32

    The other thing to check is which dyno manufacturer is it? I think Dyno Dynamics has a good reputation for being accurate. Some dyno makes are optimistic; also it's not just a spike in the curve is it?
  5. mb240

    Max power from a c32

    DMS are a pretty well known tuning company. It's not just a remap of the ECU it seems!!!:bannana: Why not go down to Southampton and ask them to tell you.
  6. mb240

    metal plate under engine?

    :) I was wondering more if it's the sort of thing that adds a lot of weight and was put there for some nefarious something is in danger of falling off!!!
  7. mb240

    metal plate under engine?

    Hi, I took my car for it's NCT (MOT in Ireland). It passed with no problems at all, but the bloke said there was a big metal plate under the engine. He called a few people over during the test which I could see from the observation area, and after when I asked him what was up, he said they...
  8. mb240

    New Ugly-Bug from BMW

    It's a bit Audi Q7-ish. Lots of bulk up front, although I'm sure everyone would pull out of your way in the fast lane.
  9. mb240

    new front discs

    it will be ~ £500-600 for two front discs and pads alone I would think without fitting. Mine are ~€300 each disc, and €80-100 per pad, plus a bit extra then for labour for installation.
  10. mb240

    Cracked wheel? - don't delay replacing it

    Which dealer?
  11. mb240

    fight for justice everyone deserves a second chance

    Doesn't posting here again then under a new UID also mean another ban ????:dk:
  12. mb240

    Visiting the Nürburgring

    I'd recommend getting a mountain bike out as well - there is a great track that follows the ring through the surrounding forests. It's quite nice and gives some spectacular viewpoints away from the usual spots (e.g., the one at the apex of Karusell).
  13. mb240

    2001 CLK rust starting!!

    8 years I think. for my '00 W208 they did it as a goodwill gesture and covered all costs. I did not have FMBSH but was using a very reuptable indy. I don't think the SH makes a difference to the rust and corrosion warranty as that is different to the parts warranty (3 years). Don't let it go on...
  14. mb240

    How to ruin a 500E

    Where can I get a bodykit like this W124 E500? English Russia Brand New Mercedes, Not Nice clean conversion, with a very aesthetically pleasing combination of SLK rear lights, W203 headlights and an Asma Design-alike grill. Priceless :p
  15. mb240

    German Vehicle Taxation

    I was lookign at this the other day. It seems to go on CO2 and year of car (probably EURO 4 or 5 ratings). The EURO ratings seem to make a big difference on the same size engine.
  16. mb240

    260 cars in German motorway crash

    It's true about the autobahns being safer and derestricted zones. The accident was caused by weather conditions and the total amount of 250+ cars wasn't just one giant pileup in a few minutes, it happened over a two hour period with very heavy rain. And the speed limit in that section of the A2...
  17. mb240

    Allianz AG and Nuerburgring Motorsport now offer insurance for private drivers

    This is just a heads up for anyone who does visit the Ring, or is thinking of it. Nürburgring Car Storage, Servicing and Race Training - Nurburgring Insurance Very nice to be able to drive there "officially" now. It's an interesting experiment from Allianz I think to see if it's profitable.
  18. mb240

    2010 E63 AMG review

    Driven: 2010 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG | and Winding Road Another comment on the US pricing - should be around $98000, or $10k more than before. The strong € could be damaging for MB if it keeps up like this, seeing US and UK are major target markets.
  19. mb240

    2010 E63 AMG review

    I will be interested to know how MB price the E63 in the UK. The W211 AMG starts at £66k, which used to be ~ €95-100k back when it launched, but is around €77k now. However, the prices in Germany for this are still starting at €105k, so unless MB price at the old exchange rate, the W212 AMG...
  20. mb240

    mercedes warning triangle

    Mercedes-Benz Parts, Inchcape have those parts listed. Postage to Ireland for a few parts was around £10-15 for me, so I assume it would be around the same for Portugal.
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