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    Tyre Choices - Completely Confused & Frustrated...

    ContiSport 5's get a vote from me. Excellent all rounder
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    Tyre wear

    I have a w212 coupe and although I've looked after tyres pretty well (coming up 22.5K), definitely some more wear on the outer edge.
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    New car coming. What to do re detailing

    AutoGlym HD Wax or something from the Chemical Boys series has great shine and durability
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    Good engine and engine bay cleaner please?

    I'll second AutoGlym's engine cleaner, not too harsh and cleans well
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    Anyone Tried RainX Rain Repellent

    Just a FYI; a roundup from Auto express a few years ago: Rain repellents - reviews - 2013 group test | Auto Express
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    500SL R129 Idle - Rev counter

    From experience, hunting idle was due to IACV.
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    Battery drain on startup issue

    doesn't look like root cause has been identified. Might be a short circuit relating to the alarm? Had this in a past car.
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    MOT Emissions advice please.

    I'd service the car and then as AMGeed pointed out, go for a blast. If this still doesn't do the trick, might need a custom race CAT. Maybe 500 cell
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