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    MOT exhaust emission fail

    What I do know is that having the wrong engine oil can affect the test, as for the others ?
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    Engine oil consumption

    I would not be happy with that amount of oil being used. Are you adding the correct engine oil. Have you looked for possible oil leaks after parking and as said..DPF problems down the road.
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    Transmission Problems 2011 C220 7G-Tronic

    My 7g+ box was every 5yrs or 40k.
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    W212 wouldn't shift up from 2nd gear and limp mode

    When was the last gearbox service carried out?
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    Using MB branded engine oil

    As far as I’m concerned, if the oil meets or betters the MB recommendation for the engine oil, I will buy the cheapest. This along with the correct oil service is and how I’ve always run my cars.
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    C220d w205 2016 best engine oil to use?

    I was asked if I wanted the MB service plan when I ordered the car. I didn’t but had a nice chat with the sales executive who was very knowledgable. One thing he said was to always fill the engine with the correct spec oil. This goes for all the main engine fluids, oil, coolant and gearbox.
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    C220d w205 2016 best engine oil to use?

    My car requires MB 229.51 Low SAPs C3 So double check the oil you buy is to the correct spec.
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    Have you set the temperature setting different for each side?
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    Best oil extractor?

    I would say, if you have not got a Pela, consider buying the unit for Lidi. Saves moving the dirty form the Pela to container and looks a good bit of kit....if it works for a few years!
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    Best oil extractor?

    So, with the oil on the hot side, it takes my oil, 6.5Ltr about 15mins, giving a nice amount of time to remove and fit the new oil filter.
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    To flush or not to flush....

    I’ve never flushed. If your car had the correct oil and filter service and you know it has, why would you. The last thing you want is a bit of leftover flushing oil in your sump.
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    Best oil extractor?

    Just change the oil and renewed the filter this afternoon as the last of this good weather made it the perfect day for me. I have the Pela, same as W1ghty and been using it over the years on our cars.
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    [W212] Catalytic Converter clogged - Check Engine ON

    One thing to ensure is that you have the correct engine oil spec for the car. If it says Low Ash C3 oil then thats what must be used. You can damage and shorten the life of the cars cat by adding the wrong oil. A good run using a motorway a few times a year will bring the engine and exhaust...
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    Main agm battery .

    I’ve used Tayna for a replacement AGM battery. CCA was better then the original but not a lot. I had a chat with them just to be on the safe side as I had no real understanding of the AMG battery. The best deal with them was for a Varta and 4yr. Very happy with the service and price.
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    I can smell gas............

    Wife could smell gas at our meter under the stairs in our house, i could not. So to be safe, I called the emergency number and got the safety information and did as asked, shut off the gas supply at the gas ****. Same day, gas engineer arrive, tested, and removed the gas **** and refitted a new...
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    A Few Quick Questions About Diagnostics

    As for your gearbox service, had my 7g+ oil and filter changed a few weeks back by PCS who are an indi and are on the recommendation list on this site. £200 inc.
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    E350 cdi air filter change

    Thanks for the info. You live and ..
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    E350 cdi air filter change

    When did Mercedes cars need to have a Star reset when an air filter was changed? Should my handbook say this is necessary? Mine is a 2014 EClass 220cdi
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    Ambient lighting

    It’s true, I’ve not changed the lights in years but I might do now.
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    New here and to the world of MB's - Servicing advice for 6yr old C250 if possible

    If I was you, I would call or email PCS and ask the cost for an oil and filter service for the gearbox, brake fluid and coolant renewal. As a side note, Halfords brake fluid renewal is £40 as is a coolant change. Expect to pay around £200 for the gearbox ATF at PCS.
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