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    Wireless Charging Mat

    Brilliant. Thats really appreciated. Thanks
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    Wireless Charging Mat

    Hi Guys, hope someone can answer this question for me. I have had a 2021 E-Class cabriolet on order since August. I don't have a build date yet and probably wont see the car until next year the way things are going. I was wondering about the wireless charging mat in the new cars. I am not sure...
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    Mercedes Benz Floating Ipad Screens.

    Cosmetically it doesn't look good. I don't like the way the screen sticks out on my 6-series. The new s-class looks better as the screens are integrated in to the dash
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    Quick question about telematics

    Sorry if this is a naive question. I have a SL 400 on order. I haven't opted for the convinience telephony option as I can't see much point in it. So my understanding is that just by plugging in my iPhone to the USB port will give the same functions as my current 6-series and that is telephony...
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    Aviva have just floored me with a quote for a new SL400 that I have just ordered. 8 years no claims, 15 years clean licence -£374 with protected no claims That's surely can't be right. The best I have had before that was More than at £650
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    Hello from Swindon

    Welcome Rich, there seem to be quite a few Mercedes owners/to be owners on here.
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    Would you buy another Merc ?

    I have just ordered my first Mercedes after 25 years of BMW's. My beemers have always been rock solid with the exception of my current one and I have always had great service from my dealership so it's a nervous transition over to a different manufacturer
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    New SL400 incoming

    Finally pulled the trigger on an SL 400 in Polar White with a few extra toys. It was a bit of a slog trying to find a deal that I was happy with but eventually found somewhere that trumped CarWow and the PCP companies. Scheduled for an August build and October delivery. Total madness I know...
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    Prom Car Needed - Wiltshire area

    I am in Swindon and would have had offered my 2014 six series convertible but unfortunately my mate wants me to take his son and his mates to their prom night at the DeVere hotel in Swindon
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    Do dealerships give gifts?

    I have an SL 400 on order but it's not coming through dealership so I've been told There won't be any free gifts but then the deal I've got is far cheaper than anything in the dealership could offer
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    I can't see it either using Safari on my MacBook
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    Polar White, Tomcat. I pulled the trigger yesterday :-)
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    Welcome from another Swindonite. I am ordering an SL 400 today. It won't be from Synter Swindon though lol
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    Waiting for a Mercedes C350e to be delivered

    How are owners finding the durability with the brilliant blue paint work. My last three cars have been a white pounds lighter colours are generally better at hiding swirl marks accumulate over time
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    Do dealerships give gifts?

    Never had any gift from BMW in 25 years of new cars even with my six series convertible. I always got a full tank of fuel though so that's about hundred quid's worth
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    Sales of new cars plummet as vehicle tax increase comes into force

    I just popped in to the local Mercedes dealership and they told me that orders are up for April in comparison to last year and they are already up in the first few days of May. I'm not sure if they are just feeding me a line on that one
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    A bit of a learning curve

    Hello all, I am new to this forum as I am not a Mercedes owner as yet but desperately trying to get there. I did try three years ago and three years before that but having owned BMW's for the last 25 years either as company cars or through PCP's, it seems to be a struggle to find competitive...
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    Which company?

    I second Aviva....they were very competitive but what I have found is that you need to shop around every year.
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    Coming to Mercedes

    Many thanks for the warm welcome guys
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    Coming to Mercedes

    Morning everyone, After 25 years of BMW owenership, i am determined to move to the dark side as I have always wanted a Merc. My three year ciontract on my 6-series convertible is due to end in the next few months so i am starting to look at leasing prices for a 400 SL. Looking forward to...
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