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    What's everyone doing in the lockdown?

    Admittedly I started studying for these approx 2 years ago but have I’ve completed the following since the 1st Mar 2020: MBA: Procurement & Supply Chain Management (Comp May 20) MA: Project Management MSc: Strategic Leadership & Management Advanced Diploma: Business Administration Diploma...
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    E220d cockpit display

    Your car will have just one display for the infotainment system and analogue clocks for the speed and RPM gauges: the twin display is referred to as the “Widescreen Cockpit” and is a cost option of approximately £360.00.............
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    Cruise control won't select 9th gear...common?

    My E220D always drops into 9th gear at speeds above 76mph, changing down back to 8th at any speed below 66mph, especially when using Cruise Control.........
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    Even more new jokes... (No UK Politics or Football please)

    A thief got caught stealing an advent calendar....... He got 25 days........
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    Mot, smoke from exhaust question

    Some people spend more time worrying about their cars than they do driving them........
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    WW2 battery found beneath the waves...still working

    These jokes are in terminal decline.........
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    Goodbye Mercedes

    BMW = in most cases Bad Mannered *anker........
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    No wonder Mercedes owners get a bad name

    The picture is so old, it’s been posted on numerous websites over the years
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    MB - Jealousy

    Anyone becoming jealous of someone with an A45 is setting an extremely low aspiration point for themselves.........
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    Is snow foam worth it?

    It maybe full of salt but at least it wasn’t as pretentious as Snowfoam!
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    Is snow foam worth it?

    The bubbles in the Snowfoam reduces the surface tension of the liquid, effectively reducing the time that the liquid is in contact with the dirt on the surface of the vehicle which also reduces its properties of soaking into the dirt. All you get from Snowfoam is a visual confirmation of where...
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    What has M.B come to?

    I think that the current infotainment system is ok. It isn’t the best but it isn’t the worst but they are easy to use.........
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    Is snow foam worth it?

    Snowfoam: fools and their money are easily parted. Good placebo effect but who the hell would pay just for the bubbles of a car washing detergent? Prewash, afterwash, it doesn’t matter: the actual bubbles do nothing to clean the car, it’s the detergents in the wash that shift the grim..........
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    Keyless entry question

    Audi do!
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    Audi drivers

    FORD = “Fix or Repair Daily” or “Found on Rubbish Dump”.......
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    Start Button

    “I think the keyless entry/go is well cool, key fob in my pocket just touch the door handle and the car opens, get in put your foot on the brake pedal as you would do for any car (especially an auto) and thumb the start button job done, gets my vote :cool:“ Some people are easily pleased, were...
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    Is snow foam worth it?

    All the foam does is show that the car has been covered, a “tell tale” if you like......... The ingredients in the water do the “lifting and lubricating” to make the dirt lift away........
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    Is snow foam worth it?

    Foam does nothing to remove dirt from a car........ Still, fools and their money..........
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