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    My M156 Engine Mods - Future Proofing

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    My M156 Engine Mods - Future Proofing

    My C63 went in for this job and the dealership called me back on it yesterday to say that they are of the opinion that there's nothing wrong with the car and that the noise (which they admit is there) is coming from the left bank cam adjuster as it's the last part of the engine to achieve oil...
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    C63 rough gear change

    Good info. Thanks. Yes it did the same before the fluid change but nothing like as bad. Yes the dealer did the adaption during the service. They said they couldn't replicate the fault afterwards but I'm betting it's because they weren't listening to me and that it only happens in Man mode...
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    C63 rough gear change

    Yeah, that's the adaption. Already been done.
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    C63 rough gear change

    Well I can't say I've tracked it and it's never been spanked that hard in my 1.5 years with it.
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    C63 rough gear change

    Hi all, I've done a search on here and only found something relating to a CLK with a 7G-tronic box. I wondered if anyone else had experienced similar in a C63 (W204/2011) My car is exhibiting a very rough shift from 4th down to 3rd. When I say rough I mean it bangs in with a very...
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    C63 Economy

    My all time highest achieved mpg was 26.9 when on a long run to Swansea and back.
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    M156 Head bolts

    Thanks, I will do. I've also got this bulletin here: to encourage them to do the right thing.
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    M156 Head bolts

    Thanks, yeah video works and yes, the noise is the same.
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    M156 Head bolts

    Sorry to hijack the thread, but mine is doing the start up rattle thing. Not every time but it is doing it occasionally. It's due for service in September so I was thinking of asking them to do the work under warranty then. My question is, should I leave it that long or get it done straight...
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    C63 Fixer-Upper Opportunity

    That'll buff out no problem.............
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    New CLS 63S

    Pure unadulterated lust..............
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    Truly astonishing economy...

    What petrol do you use out of interest Stuart? The day I picked mine up, the dealership filled it with 95 Octane and I averaged 22MPG on the way home over a 90 odd mile run (driving very conservatively with a **** eating grin) I have only ever fed it V-Power since and averaged 27MPG on the...
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    2013 c63 - p30 PPP

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    Magical mystery.... who mapped my car?

    The video is awesome. Car sounds epic. Haven't summoned the courage to start down that route yet but someday.......
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    First AMG

    Congrats - a fine choice! (I would say that too!)
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    C63 cracked multi spoke time for new wheels

    Looks absolutely superb Lee. I love the 507 wheels, particularly in black with the polished rim, but I think yours looks perfect like that.
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    C63 Gearbox service

    Congrats Y8cel. Enjoy it!
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    New tyres for the C63

    Ok after a few weeks of running I have the following to say about my new PSS: The traction is so much better (than the admittedly well worn but still legal) Contis I'm staggered at the level of traction they offer on slimey wet roads covered in rotting leaves - simply brilliant. The rear is much...
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    New tyres for the C63

    I have to say, I didn't have a problem with the Contis at all, I was just keen to try the Michelins since people on here were so positive about them. I did a quick blast to Heathrow and back last night so put some good miles on them. Will be keen to see how they feel the next few days...
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