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    Help! W124 Windscreen Wipers Doesn't Switch Off!

    Andy when you say switch do you mean the wiper / indicator stalk? and dieselman is the intermitent relay different from the wiper relay? and where is it located? Many thanks.
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    Help! W124 Windscreen Wipers Doesn't Switch Off!

    The windscreen wipers on my W124 e class does not switch off. They work fine on speeds 1 & 2 but on intermittent the wipers stay on as if in speed 1 mode then when you try to turn them off nothing! they keep going until you switch the ignition off and then when you turn the car back on the wiper...
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    Price for New Key (Remote Type)

    And to think that they were only about £56 some 3 to 4 years ago.:mad:
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    Wanted W124 15 Hole Alloy Wheel 15"

    I am trying to source 1 X 15 hole 15" alloy wheel for W124 E class mercedes does anyone know of anybody who may be able to help?
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    Price for New Key (Remote Type)

    I just got quoted (yesterday) £148 for complete key for 1998 C Class, funny thing is a couple of years ago i bought a key for same year same car for only £56.......when i queried this with the stealership their response was 'many prices have gone up since feb 06 many even double triple the...
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    W210 E280 Engine Tappet Noise & Slightly Lumpy Idle

    Could very well be, though i would say the noise for tappets is more of loud ticking. what is the mileage on your car? Best to get it looked at and see what the mechanics think it my case they say the noise is definitely a tappet noise yet i have changed all the tappets but the noise...
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    george fraser

    I heard Mercs Only was owned by a woman?
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    W124 Milometer Not Working

    The milometer on my W124 has stopped working although the speedo still works. Does anyone know if there is a fix or do i need to a new one?
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    Convertable W220 S Class on ebay

    :eek: It's making almost $39000 so far:eek:
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    Classy BMW for all you BM lovers.

    I wouldn't call it classy! :eek: :eek:
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    Dodgy Service Stamps again

    Of course they will turn a blind eye because they are making their money on it. They will only pull it if someone complains.
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    Help with Residuals

    2005 05 plate CLK 270d is booking at just under £26000 trade with 12000 miles therefore you can assume that a 55 plate will be around 27000 trade so if this car you have seen is a minter & in the right colour (silver, black or blue) then it is worth all of the £28500 being asked but that still...
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    W201 190E Door Cards

    Almost did pull it off until i read your post...yanked it up and hey presto! many thanks!
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    Got Shot at today

    Yes most definitely a Hamlet moment! The policeman was in the car and was taken in suffering from slight head injuries if i remember correctly! They were about to set up a speed trap (and i ruined that plan for them) at least that's what i read in the local newspapaer.
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    Got Shot at today

    I can understand why people loose their cool when faced with twats on the road but I found out the hard way many moons ago that it is best to leave these idiotic road users well alone. Many years ago i was cut up badly by some prat and decided to give chase (as you do) and in the process lost...
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    W201 190E Door Cards

    Does anyone know how to remove the front door cards on a 190E? I have tried doing a search but not getting any results. I have undone the trim near the lock and also the nut holding the top of the door grab handle, there seems to be something else holding the cards in but i cant see what.
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    PCN - for parking outside my own house!!

    My point exactly! .........Agree with you all the way. These days the local authorities are just after one thing and one thing only and that is your cash!....they dont care if you are genuinely causing obstruction or not all they see is the ££££ signs!
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    Low Mileage 190E . . . or maybe not

    Seems to have made a lot of money for a G reg, considering the dodgy history and uncertain mileage. I put my 190E on ebay a little while ago same white auto K reg with genuine 92000 miles full Merc History and in near enough concours condition as you can get and it only made about £100 more?
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    Low Mileage 190E . . . or maybe not

    This maybe against ebays policy but this happens all the time in real auctions the auctioneers often 'bounce bids' on the wall in order to get the bidding going or to reach a reserve price or even to reach what they consider a fair market price.
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    SKY Box & Telephone Connection

    I was supposed to have got my final warning letter in Dec but then I got another final warning letter last month. Maybe if ignore em I might get lucky as well :D
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