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    W203 Front Door Audio 20 Speaker wiring

    About to swap my front speakers out. Can someone tell me how the standard speakers are wired? Is there a single output to the door which is split between woofers and speakers/is there a xover or resistor in line to the tweeter, etc? Thanks for any help.
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    Pensioners restore Lancaster

    I hope they are able to raise the funds for it. A beautiful and exceptionally rare machine, apart from BBMF's Lancaster, the only other one in flying condition is in Canada. I happen to know a couple of the BBMF pilots and consider myself very lucky to have had a clamber around PA474, from...
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    South West Wales Area

    Sorry to semi-hijack this thread, but is there anyone recommended nearer to Haverfordwest? I'm starting a new job that way so it will be handy to get a recommendation before I really need one!
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    WANTED: W203 Front Wheel Arch Liner

    If its the L shaped part which goes under the corner of the bumper and front lower section of the wheel arch, they're about £17 from the dealers. I've probably got a part number I can dig out somewhere.
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    S203 Headlamp Washer Pump pipe connector

    Can someone advise if the black plastic connector between the headlamp washer pump and pipe is available as a separate part? I've had a look at the WIS it doesn't appear as a separate item, but I know MB can be wooly with this type of thing. Thanks for any help :)
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    Glow plug issues

    I had the same symptoms - replaced all the glow plugs as I was keen for a bit of preventative maintenance as my milage is going to increase massively in the new year; problem solved.
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    W203 CDI Weird Noise when accelerating

    Great stuff, thanks for that. A job for tomorrow I think.
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    W203 CDI Weird Noise when accelerating

    For those that have attempted this at home - is it possible to remove/loosen the heatshield enough to get access without removing the exhaust centre section? I'm convinced this is what is causing the noise on mine now. Working out if this might be a quick job or one that'll involved grazed...
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    W203 Estate Rear Screen Washer not spraying, just dripping!

    I'm sure it's just the nozzle. If I flip up the plastic cover on the arm I have plenty of pressure and it squirts straight out behind the car. There just isn't anything making it spray over the rear screen, it just hits the plastic cover, gives up and runs down the back of the car. Thanks for...
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    W203 Estate Rear Screen Washer not spraying, just dripping!

    Mine's a 2004 car, and have just got a little hole directly facing you as you look at it. Is the nozzle an integral part of the motor then?
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    W203 Estate Rear Screen Washer not spraying, just dripping!

    Yep, I'm missing a nozzle then. Thanks for the pointer!
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    W203 Estate Rear Screen Washer not spraying, just dripping!

    Not very polite forum etiquette for my first post to be a problem, but that's better than spamming nonsense! I've recently bought a W203 C270 CDI estate, but I've got an irritating problem. The rear washer gets water to the screen, and if I pull up the plastic cap at the base of the arm and...
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