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    W203 Which turbo for engine???

    How did leaking injectors blow your turbo? Did you get sorted ok in the end?
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    Horn u/s c220 2005

    Hi Everyone, my horn has stopped working, checked the basics, fuse traced to the fuse box in the engine bay. Not blown. checked for voltage at the horn when steering wheel pressed. no voltage present. Removed the Airbag assy from the Steering wheel, looks a bit complicated behind there...
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    What temp does you c220 run at?

    Hi, my 2005 C220 was running at about 60 degree's so i Changed the thermostat, it now heats up nicely in the car, and the engine is now running at around 85 degree's. The job is a little fiddly, and you will need the star drive sockets. I bought my pattern part thermo housing for £60 at trade...
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    C220 auto gearbox

    Are you sure it wasnt code 1403? my database doesnt have a 1400 code! try these solutions. P1403 Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system – malfunction. Probable cause:- Wiring. Connectors. Hoses. Intake leak. EGR solenoid. MAF Sensor Hopes this helps, Al
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