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    124 Cabriolet - who can fix?

    Solved A follow-up, to let those who contributed know the result! Having failed dismally to sort anything myself, I finally found Cayman Auto Services, in Dorking, who specialise in powered convertible tops and sunroofs. (After a 135-mile drive there) I checked the car in at 0830, and by...
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    need some help with alloy wheels please

    Steel wheels and alloy wheels do take different nuts/studs (on most kinds of car). If you can't contact your local Mercedes dealer, try a local alloy wheels shop?
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    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    I've recently had the "fix" done on my 2014 Skoda Superb. I was very wary, having heard the stories of fixed engines being noisier, less economical, requiring more revs to move off, etc. I'm actually delighted. The differences are very slight, but in the right direction: definitely smoother...
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    Ill Just Leave This Here

    OK ... I do! Not (I quickly point out) in the sense of "if you like Mercedes-Benzes, here's what's a good idea", but rather in the sense of "if you want to make a weird, one-off, fun car, here's how you can actually be comfortable, too"!
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    W124 No Dashboard Lights

    Yes, I like the sheer oddity of that on my 124. Apparently the engineers decided that that was the best solution. Shame that neither mirror gives anything like a useful image!
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    Is this the beginning of the end of the petrol engine.

    Some confusion, here, between millions and billions and values and revenues (BBC article puts the stock market value of Tesla at $58 billion).
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    There's always one.

    Yes. But "zip" is easier to say! :D
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    There's always one.

    What would good driving look like in this situation? The motorway is at saturation, and the cars at left need to feed into the left lane of the motorway. In an ideal world, the stream in the slip lane and the stream in the left lane would "zip" (one from left, one from right, alternately...
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    How to use a "Filter Lane"

    I have met "red arrow" signals, but they're not featured in the Highway Code so I wonder if that was outside the UK.
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    How to use a "Filter Lane"

    A round green light means that all may proceed. A green arrow means that traffic in that direction may proceed.
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    A124 cabrio headliner removal ???

    Optimusprime (local to me) suggests: Google: Mercedes Benz Model 124-M103 Maintenance Manual Then look on page 70 ROOF then down to 77 308
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    A124 cabrio headliner removal ???

    There's no sunroof in a cabriolet, Opti :) (Or it's all sunroof, if you prefer!) I haven't read through the results, but you get a wide range of stuff if you google on "124 cabriolet headlining replacement". Maybe something in there?
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    Lake District

    Depends what you like, but my favourites are away from the commercial stuff, but with good views and good driving: (1) a drive through the Wrynose and Hardknott passes (west from Skelwith, top end of Windermere). Tight bends and 1 in 3, and a Roman fort to visit! (2) Surprise View (two thirds...
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    Car covers

    One other point: cars with the three-star "mascot"-style badge will need a "cozy" on the badge, so that it doesn't wear through the cover. You can buy them, but I made mine from multi layers of fuzzy nylon dust-sheet material.
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    Car covers

    I've used a 4-layer version on my 124 for the last six months. It's too soon to say anything about corrosion, but from the research I did before buying, I'd say that people HAVE had corrosion issues if they use a non-breathing cover, and/or park it on grass (which moisture can rise from...
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    RIP Princess Diana

    One for the purists: The lady was never "Princess Diana". The "Princess" title directly followed by the name can be correctly used only with someone born to be princess. For example, Princess Anne. Diana was, formally, either "Princess Charles" (cf Princess Michael of Kent) or "Diana...
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    Fuse boxes location and fuse diagram

    When you open the fuse boxes, is there an allocation map inside the cover (like they used to put)?
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    Emergency Refuge Areas on "Smart Motorways".

    Yes, the requirement to contact Highways will be because of the danger when rejoining, without an acceleration lane. I didn't know about the need, and feel that more publicity is needed. Some won't understand, of course. Only last week, I was following someone who drove down the joining...
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    Fuse boxes location and fuse diagram

    What does it say in your handbook?
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    124 Cabriolet - who can fix?

    Thank you, Roadhog and Nick. I'll let you know how I get on ...
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