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    Summer holidays

    Very soon we are going on our family holiday of a lifetime Departing from Heathrow flying into Vancouver for three days. Then leaving Vancouver and flying down to Brisbane, where my father in law is enjoying his retirement with his Aussie girlfriend who is 20 years younger. Staying there for...
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    Best independent Merc garage?

    I'm another one for Aventgarde, great service when I had my steaming lock changed, good price also.
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    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    F14 TBB, spaced to read F14T BB Bet you can't guess what make of car it was on?:D
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    Brian Johnson meets..

    I saw ACDC in concert about three years ago at Wembley, amazing night.
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    Damage free tyre change?

    Not only alloys,I get very concerned about where the trolley jack goes, I've had sills and floor pan damaged in the past
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    Solid Black or Obsidian Black?

    Haven't had a solid to compare but certainly like our Obsidian, got a nice sparkle to it.
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    Buying An A45 My Experience

    When I was 22 I went to buy a Pug 205 Gti 1.9, a car I'd worked and saved hard for. Ended up buying a 2 year old 15k car. Was so exited going to the garage I think I'd still have bought it for double the price
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    I think Chic was probably my favourite all weekend. Curently enjoying Ed.
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    I think it fabulous, never been even though it's just down the road. We would both like to go but I'm not sure I could "RUFF" it as I like my warm bed too much. Every year I watch as much as I can, from my comfy sofa lol.
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    Mmmm, not just me then, nearly 52.
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    eBay nightmare...

    Just bought one from John Lewis with a 3 years guarantee, don't think they'll scam me :D
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    eBay nightmare...

    I'm tempted to buy an ipad off Ebay but it's stories like this that put me off.
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    What's the best or worst thing you have ever bought?

    Best thing ever, my wife's engagement ring.
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    2003 SEAT Alhambra Owned by me for 10 years, not a single advisory
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    I give up trying to explain it

    That I more than possible, believe me:D
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    I give up trying to explain it

    The hottest day of the year and the wife arrives home from work in a black car with all four windows open. Why have you got the windows open I ask? Cos it's boiling hot, why do you think, she asks Well put the air conditioning on then I said. No point, it's obviously cooler to have...
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    Ebay rear parking sensors.

    I fitted a CISBO kit to the back of mine and it works fine
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    It's too bloody hot

    Typical brits lol I'm off work with a damaged achilles tendon so bring on the sun shine I say:bannana:
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