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    2016 C350e- endless issues: no comeback?

    Sorry to hear of your trouble. My son bought a cracking 2007 low mileage CLK350 Coupe and signed up to the useless part warranty available from the car dealer. Car was low mileage at sub 60k. The arguments getting stuff fixed that failed was too much but managed to get some recompense: x2...
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    CLK 350 - the story so far and it's all engine

    It has been a while since I last son's CLK350 has been adopted as the family's second car as said son is in London and it is not needed. My role as mechanic wife drives the Merc and I'm usually restricted to my Lexus LS400 (Year2000 last of that series). A quick...
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    New Member CLK350

    Well here’s an update on the CLK350... My son has done around 1k miles from buying it which is modest...Covid hasn’t helped. Every time I’m in the passenger seat I appreciate the car more and more. My repairs: new solenoid magnet and seals for the others and cam sensors all are good. My advice...
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    Buying Advice CLK 320 Cab Auto 2003

    I thought this engine and year had cam chain issues with a manufacturer batch of faulty/poor quality cam sprockets. The fix is expensive. You can search for the effected engine serial numbers online. To my knowledge it impacted the clk range but was sorted around 2006-7.
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    New Member CLK350

    Yep That’s him/them. 👍
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    New Member CLK350

    Hi Thank you and thanks to all who have responded. :) Mileage is at 59k and you raise a good question...I can't find evidence of a gearbox oil change. There's a good indy up the road who will do that - it is a priority. Once done it's one less item to worry about. The brakes will be on the...
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    New Member CLK350

    Hi. It's great to be here. I confess the 2007 CLK belongs to my eldest...but guess who is looking after it...? I've had the pleasure of owning a 2ltr W series and a 2ltr C200 which was a fabulous, reliable workhorse. I've given up with Jags having just scrapped a year 2000 S Type V8 and sold...
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