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    UK registration JUST AMG for sale

    I have for sale a UK registration plate JUST AMG (JU57 AMG). Was on a C63S, now on retention. Offers in excess of £3500 If interested pm me for details.
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    Thanks for your input. I think there will be divided opinions between the 2 drivers... I know which one she will prefer...
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    Safe use of jacks

    I had a E250 cab and used the jack to get the wheel off. The design of the jack is terrible. I was on flags so solid ground but the jack kept sliding on the stone surface. I had to put a piece of wood under the jack to stop it shifting sideways. So your advise is absolutely spot on.
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    Project C43 W202

    Last post was Oct 15. how's progress?
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    W204 C63 Newbie

    Shell V Power best for the 6.3
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    it's killing me W213 rattle

    I had a E250 cab for 4 years and love it. Strongly recommend you push with the dealer and escalate if not sorted, there is no reason why it should get sorted.
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    G3 clay mitt - brilliant product !!!!!

    Just found this thread. I'm off to Halfords!
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    2018 c63 coupe rattles and squeaks

    Check with your dealer, there was some retro fit window and door seals available under warranty. It suppresses the noise.
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    Vito 447 Sport - "Chrome" sidebars / steps / running boards

    IF they're the same as VW, then plated mild steel. Metal polish should bring them up but not for frquesnt use if you want to retain the finish!
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    What is this for ?

    Yep, there would have been a snap on adapter. This pre-dates blue tooth technolgy.
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    W140 S600 Wheel Refurb

    Have you tried Lepsons in Gillingham? Used by dealerships for accurate refurbs.
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    Two bucket wash

    What product to you use to wash the car? Have you tried snow foam? I find it really effective to protect the wax coating.
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    Active seat issue.

    Could be related to a charging issue
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    W212 windscreen washer nozzle adjustment

    Think it requires the factory tool
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    Seat Mechanism Failing

    Check the release lever
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    Nano Technology

    Thanks for the tip on preparation.
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    Given my car a quick wipe down

    I think you missed a bit ;-P
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    Definative explination.... Pull left

    Did anyone explore this any further?
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