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    C350 CDI b2/7b1 error

    Hi all Car came up with EML this lunch time, I've had the car checked and the error is b2/7b1 The SIgnal of Component b2/7b1 (right intake Air temp Implausible) is this an easy fix do as MB say the whole unit needs replacing ?
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    milky/film on amg c class sport wheels

    anybody got a photo as I think mine might be doing it
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    Windscreen cost

    it counts as a claim now with LV
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    Autoglym Super Resin Polish

    The AG HD Wax is very good, and very easy to apply. It does last a while even with washes.
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    Manchester Arena

    I 2nd that from a another born and bred Manc
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    Autoglym super resin polish

    I'll 2nd HD Wax it's very good and easy to use. I managed to get a great deal on it on amazon at Christmas - £15 :-)
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    C350 cdi

    My C350 CDI during a 250 mile drive out for the sheer hell of driving
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    Service asst

    Mine went down by 5 days today
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    Service asst

    Mines been saying service in 20 days for the last week and half
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    Need New Tyres

    4-5k since getting them and they show no visible sign yet
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    Need New Tyres

    I have Avon ZZ7's at the moment and excellent in the wet (they are "A" rated for wet) on my C350
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    C Class 2014 onwards (Brakes & Tyres)

    W204 which I've had for nearly a year with a non brand rear tyres fitted by the MB dealer before collection which have now done 14k and seem to be hardly worn.
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    C Class 2014 onwards (Brakes & Tyres)

    I had Nexen N8000's on a C220 Coupe (2011) and the rears I replaced at 27K but I could have waited a bit longer but winter was just around the corner. The fronts were still going strong and had maybe another 5-10k left in them. Mate has them on his Lexus IS250 F-Sport and considering the way he...
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    Clock auto setting ?

    I couldn't see that settings
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    Clock auto setting ?

    With the clocks going back I had presumed that the car clock on comand would just adjust the time with the RDS/GPS signal but it appears not to want to do it and I had to do it manually, is there a setting I'm missing for it to auto adjust ?
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    Connecting an iPod Touch

    can you not do it via Bluetooth ?
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    Best Windscreen (Rear/Front) Cleaner

    I use Autoglym glass cleaner and Fastglass
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    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Aircon serviced and full re-gas. £59 done on the drive
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    Gearbox program after remap

    I need to contact Celtic and find out when the have their mobile service in my area
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    Gearbox program after remap

    Celtic Remap at the moment is the way I think I'll be going. I actually went for one earlier in the year but the local Celtic dealer had made a mistake, well a newbie there had he had presumed the C350 could be mapped by just pluggin in the system but the C350 needs to have the ECU removed...
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