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    how do you delete all stored data before you trade it in
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    Can you still get a discount on servicing of older vehicles at main dealers .
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    B7 service

    The ML has been on a service contract from new all service have been carried out when due . Service indicator came up with B7 service due, booked in with dealer who informed me ATF would be changed on this service & they require a full day for this service. I saw them take it in the workshop at...
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    B7 service

    Any one explain what a B7 service is for a 2012 ML250 @ 55,000 miles and how long would it take to do.
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    Gearbox Issue Maybe

    I have the same thing with a 2008 EClass 320cdi 54000k on a service contract oil changed at 40000k , only does when cold & coming to a stop
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    w123 Fuel Pump Filter Bracket required
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    Mercedes Me Adapter

    Is the ME Adapter still for sale
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    Viseeo MB2

    My Viseeo MB2 has developed a problem with the sound, the outgoing sound for the person receiving is fine but the incoming sound is so low you can't hear anything with the engine running ? Any ideas please.
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    looking for mud flaps to fit ML W166 with AMG styling package
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    opie oils

    A big thumbs up to Opie Oils placed a order @ 9.50 on 15/4/15 delivered next day @ 9.10 always had very good service from this company.
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    speedo light

    speedo & rev counter lights not working all other dash lights working replaced the bulbs still not working. anyone know what it might be.
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    anyone know if iphone4 will work with the viseeo mb-2
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    any 1 fitted mudflaps to w211 eclass
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    phone controls on steering wheel

    thank you brian i thought with the antenna on the roof and the connection in the centre console it was prewired
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    phone controls on steering wheel

    hi guys, i have an 08 E320CDI what do i need to make the phone work through the steering wheel controls.on the build sheet it says 386 mobile pre-installation (MTUS)
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    purchased a 08 320CDI from main dealer as there are no service book these days could i request a print out of all the work & services carried out.
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    service book

    thanks guys not a very good idea if you decide to sell privately how you going to show its been serviced
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    service book

    bought from my local MB Dealer
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    service book

    after buying a 08 e class i asked about the service book you don't get 1 now i was told its all held on Mercedes Central computer. i then asked if i could have a print out of the services and was told we are not allowed to under the data protection act any one know if this is correct
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    Audio APS 30

    sat/nav disc needed for aps 30 anything post 2003
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